Kornheiser: "Jeff Garcia Dates Hot Quarterbacks," Forgets About Playboy Wife Carmella DeCesare


This time it wasn’t T.O. calling Jeff Garcia a homo.

It was Tony Kornheiser on Monday Night Football telling the world that the Bucs QB dates quarterbacks.

World Of Isaac was all over this developing scandal and has the actual audio/video of the incident that will be the viral sports moment of the week for December 8-12.

It’s obvious Kornholer’s old, out of touch ass was trying to be hip by bringing up the fact that Jeffy is married to Carmella DeCesare (NSFW goods) who just happens to be famous for getting naked in Playboy and letting the quarterback dating Garcia impregnate her.

Jeff might date QBs but he sleeps (knee grinds) with this.

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carmella69lk.jpg photo1.jpg jeff_garcia_wife.jpg jeff_garcias_wife_3.jpg

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    1. Garcia was ill when he was on the Lions!……….wait. nvm.

    2. Not to defend Korhneiser, who is a disaster on MNF, but he meant to say "John Gruden" not "Jeff Garcia." (In fact, I'm pretty sure he corrected himself almost immediately….) The "joke" was that Gruden is crazy in love with quarterbacks – given that he had, like, seven on the roster in the off-season and still tried to get Favre – but, really, beyond Favre I don't think his courted qbs qualify as "hot"…. A broken attempt at a lame joke, TK should stick to his day job.

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