FREE SH!T FRIDAY : The Holy Grail Of Christmas Gifts From Eagles Of Death Metal – Pocket Rocket For Wife, C@ckring For Boss, CD For Daughter & Sex Lubes For Grandparents


One of the great things about having a AA-level sports blog is that PR people, marketing reps and other hanger-ons always want you to promote media for them.

So BC gets free stuff from time to time in trade for promotion. Since random contests become boring, we decided to hold onto our swag until Christmas season.


For a single day in life we feel like Larry Flynt.

The Swag:

This, fans of Busted Coverage, is obviously the Grand Prize of FREE SH!T FRIDAY 2008.

Eagles of Death Metal and Babeland.com have teamed up to bring you the ultimate Christmas gift package.

One lucky fan will get the following:

Eagles of Death Metal ‘Heart On’ CD (normally $14)
Babeland Pocket Rocket (normally $28)
Megastretch C@ckring (normally $8)
1oz. Babelube (normally $4)
1oz. Babeland Massage Oil (normally NA)

Not familiar with Eagles of Death Metal? They only have one of the coolest Web sites we’ve ever seen. See that hand around the heart above. Think animated.

The (Simple) Rules:

In the comment section, give us a really good reason why you need this for Christmas or a Jewish holiday, or your random religion holiday.

Leave a legit email in the comment form for contact purposes. (U.S. only! Also, this one will come directly from promoter. If they don’t send it to you don’t bitch at us.)

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    1. Bob says:

      I'll put it to good use! Obviously everyone else is too embarassed to ask for it. But I would still prefer The Dead to this!

    2. Nate says:

      Because the way the economy is going the wife and I are going to have to look for new and inventive ways to entertain ourselves!

    3. Luke says:

      I just got married in July and we have been banging like a screen door in a hurricane. So I took my new wife home to my mom's house for Thanksgiving last week. Due to space constrictions, we slept on my brothers old bunkbeds complete with Transformer bedsheets. Since we got back, I have been shut out of the pleasure mound. I think she was traumatized by the blast back to the land of Color Me Bad posters and denim jackets. Now I need a romantic gift to get back in there. The mood music wouldn't hurt either.

    4. Anvil says:

      I just got married in May and the wife wont let me do anything anymore. If I flop those babies on the bed it will jog her memory, and then it will be on.

    5. Big D says:

      First let me start by saying I am not married, so I might be the only intelligent bastard that's left a comment so far. Currently I am in college and this semester hasn't gone so well in the classroom, but the hootch and the cootch have been quite rewarding. I guess what I'm saying is I could really use all of these great gifts because I could actually put them to good use as well as spread the wealth by using them with more than just one other person. So granting me this holiday wish, you can also make other people's Christmases a time to remember:)

    6. BadgerK says:

      For one reason only . . .

      after I finish my law school finals in three weeks (and my subsequent dry spell from not seeing my lady) . . . the lubes and tools are going to help out . . . my girlfriend will greatly appreciate it!

    7. horncusker says:

      I love how the majority of us are married, and of course, we come here each day to ogle chicks and see sports stuff too…fun neh.

      Um, me and the wifey are freaks, we own a serious stash (at least 70) porno dvd's and routinely make freakish stains on ourselves, bedding and sometimes the walls (don't ask, it involved a tampon). This would be just another kink to sate our appetite.

    8. Gary says:

      As it is the holiday season, and it is better to give than receive, I want to send the entire boodle to my sister-in-law. She is the most uptight, sanctimonious, "born again" you could imagine. As she grew up as a "wild child", was an all-time tramp and used to give $50 hummers in the back of the fast food store she managed when she was short on cash. I believe this set of toy may be enough for her to return to her senses or cause her head to explode. Either result is fine with me. Oh, and the music – even better. This little Debbie Boone-worshiping trollop has a son who writes and performs some of the most saccharine religious music you could imagine. I can rip the CD onto a blank and send it to her as a sample of what her little darling is working on next.

    9. ricola says:

      I don't have as good a reason as any of these people, I'm just hoping you don't like married people.

    10. KR says:

      I may not be married like these other hapless fellows, but it sure feels like it sometimes. We used to hump like rabbits but ever since my girlfriend started school, she's been colder than a frozen nun in the arctic. Seriously, her knees have been closed for the holidays since June. I'm running low on porn sites but with winter break coming up, this swag is exactly what I need to fire up the ol' yule log.

    11. sneaky pete says:

      Nothing says "Merry Christmas Grandma!" like a gift of death metal and sex aids.

    12. SF Sex Toy says:

      Free Sh!t Friday.. What a great name for a promotion. Love !T…

    13. kamasutra in says:

      Wooo! Love that give away stuffs.

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