FREE SH!T FRIDAY : Stuff A Stocking With Philadelphia 76ers Dancer Swimsuit Calendar



One of the great things about having a AA-level sports blog is that PR people, marketing reps and other hanger-ons always want you to promote media for them. 

So BC gets free stuff from time to time in trade for promotion. Since random contests become boring, we decided to hold onto our swag until Christmas season. 


For a single day in life we feel like Congress handing out bailout packages.

The Swag:

12 months of Philadelphia 76ers dancers in bikinis, as covered by BC back in November. This sucker is still in the plastic. $10 on the normal market. Here it is free.

The (Simple) Rules:

In the comment section, give us a really good reason why you need this for Christmas or a Jewish holiday, or your random religion holiday.

Leave a legit email in the comment form for contact purposes.

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    1. Jeff Smock says:

      I really need this calendar so when I wake up, I have something very beautiful to look at . Please send to 6243 olivedale dr. Riverview Fl. 33578

    2. Sen says:

      I NEED this calendar because:

      1) I am a Sixers fan and I'd cry myself to sleep if Allen Iverson ever played for the Pistons….wait…

      1a) …AND I live in Detroit.

      2) Keith Van Horn's likeness is tattooed on my inner thigh (I am a male).

    3. D. Cole says:

      I'm disorganized; it might help

    4. Dan says:

      I have a need for more bikini girls

    5. Andrew says:

      I need this calendar because as a college grad I still CANNOT find a job. The economy is in the tank and I have nothing else to look forward to. This calendar would bring joy to a bleak employment outlook.

    6. Brian says:

      Because I'm lonely.

    7. andy says:

      I'm horny as sh!t, and at all times!

    8. taylor says:

      my friend was in australia for a year and just got back- he's a freaking obsessed 76ers fan and he wont shut the hell up about it. I bought him the eagles calendar last year, so this would go perfectly with it.

      Also, I'm a poor college student, I could use the help.


    9. Andrew says:

      Here's why I need that calendar. I have 2 major passions in life, beautiful women and basketball. Winning that calendar will make it the best Christmas ever, complete with both of my favorite things. And hey, if nothing else, I've got to know what day it is right?

    10. Brian says:

      Really lonely.
      Please send to 351 W 6th Ave Conshohocken PA 19428

    11. Chris says:

      I'm a Celtics fan, but I want to win a contest.

    12. EK says:

      Because I live in San Francisco… too far from Philly to see these beauties and in need of seeing hot women that aren't presumedly lesbians with Pete Rose haircuts…

    13. Neal S. says:

      Last time I check I was Mormon. Yes, we believe in Christmas, and we attempt to the celebrate the Holidays without alchololic beverages. Imagine living your life completly sober and buzz free… than consider why you should sent me this calender. Then add the fact that I am a 21 year old virgin and it should be a done deal.

    14. Lozt says:

      I am married:)

      While that alone is not bad it does mean that as long as I love my wife I will forever just be window shopping. And lets be honest, hot women in a calender is truly the ultimate window shopping.

    15. BDS says:

      I need this calendar to figure out what day it is. These broads might also be a bit more interesting than Dilbert.

    16. sneaky pete says:

      My wife said she wants to reconcile. I need to win this calendar so I can go .500 for the day.

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    18. Sam Ghosh says:

      This calendar is of utmost necessity because when I'm down at my gf's in Delaware, we always travel to Philadelphia, and there is no better way to bring Philly to us in Delaware and at home in Jersey. Hello NURSE!

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