FREE SH!T FRIDAY : Give The History Channel’s Modern Marvels To Geeky Uncle For Christmas



One of the great things about having a AA-level sports blog is that PR people, marketing reps and other hanger-ons always want you to promote media for them. 

So BC gets free stuff from time to time in trade for promotion. Since random contests become boring, we decided to hold onto our swag until Christmas season. 


For a single day in life we feel like Oprah.

The Swag:

The History Channel’s Modern Marvels Engineering Disasters.

This is a $50 DVD set. You get 5 DVDs still in the plastic. Impress your boyfriend, girlfriend, father, boss, co-worker, etc. with a set that you didn’t pay sh!t for.

The (Simple) Rules:

In the comment section, give us a really good reason why you need this for Christmas or a Jewish holiday, or your random religion holiday.

Leave a legit email in the comment form for contact purposes.

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    1. RayRay says:

      My son wants to be a civil engineer. He should see the f-ups that other nimrods have made so he doesn't do the same.

    2. Aaron says:

      I am a history teacher in a school that has had its budget cut severely in recent months (haven't they all?) This would be ideal material for my class on many occassions. Thanks.

    3. Merle says:

      I have a former roommate who loves this show. I just took him to the airport this morning for a flight to Minneapolis to meet up with a girl he hasn't seen since they dated the summer after high school. She is an engineer, and in their recent reconnecting, this show was one of the things they bonded over. If you give the DVD's to me, I'll give them to him. And if he gives them to her, she'll probably give it to him.

    4. Lucas says:

      I am a petroleum engineer in Houston. While oil prices were high over the summer, I was making straight cash boom-shaka-laka. Unfortunately, I spent it all on hookers and blow. Now that the prices are low, I got no money but need to find a good gift for my boss so he doesn't put me out on the street.

    5. gibbs12 says:

      this shit is interesting to watch, don't need to be a geeky uncle.

      i vote for aaron for being a teacher on BC while at school.

    6. Jasper says:

      1- If you give it to a history teacher he should be able to spell occasion… guess those budget cuts came at the price of capable teachers too… Donkey

      2- I need this because this is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, and nothing makes me happier then watching other idiots fail miserably.

    7. D. Cole says:

      a few of my friends are engineering majors so I want to show them the types of engineering failures that will cause them a lifetime of ridicule, especially from me. I will have my kids make fun of their kids, it would be so epic

    8. Anvil says:

      I have a wacked out stoner of a roomate that is in danger of flunking out of engineering school. he could watch those instead of adult swim at 2 in the morning.

    9. Matt says:

      You need me to have this because every hour spent watching this is an hour that I'm not sitting at a strip club making the 'talent' uncomfortable.

    10. Wheels says:

      I could use this as a gift for my dad. I am jobless and in law school and have managed to spend most of my play money/ gift money on booze, sporting events (Indy 500, 4 cubs games, 1 bear game, 2 colts, 3 purdue and 1 notre dame), and women… and cigarettes. Basically I am a model blogger without the funds spread the Christmas spirit.

    11. Mattalso says:

      Screw RayRay, I'm already an engineer. And a bad one. I need any help I can get and this looks like a good place to start.

    12. Chris says:

      History Channel = Awesome. Modern Marvels might be one of my favorite shows, and this would be an awesome prize to win. If I won, I would use it as a gift for my dad. Also, I am a really cool person, so that would be another reason to pick me.

    13. Brian says:

      I could really use this to suck up to my boss at the water treatment facility. Hes an engineer and is always talking about this show. If you dont send it to me I may have to pee in the water.

    14. scott says:

      I could really use this so that in 2 years, when i graduate with an engineering degree, ill be able to see how these ultimate failures occurred, and replicate them so that one day my work will have its own dvd series on failure

    15. Fuck all these other fuckers. I want the fuckin DVDs because I fuckin like the Fuckin History Channel. I even fuckin watch it while I'm fucking.

      Plus, I just dropped 7 F-Bombs for no fuckin reason.

      Sounded like a good idea 2 minutes ago.

    16. sneaky pete says:

      I need something in my DVD collection that isn't used for rubbing one out.

    17. ATLnSports says:

      I won't lie, I just lost my job on friday, and could really use a pick me up

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