FREE SH!T FRIDAY : Give Grateful Dead’s Rocking The Cradle Egypt 1978 Box Set To Burnout


One of the great things about having a AA-level sports blog is that PR people, marketing reps and other hanger-ons always want you to promote media for them. 

So BC gets free stuff from time to time in trade for promotion. Since random contests become boring, we decided to hold onto our swag until Christmas season. 


For a single day in life we feel like a dealer hooking up a fiend with a need.

The Swag: 

2 CDs, 1 DVD and hours upon hours of Grateful Dead are yours with this set (still in plastic). There is so much Jerry Garcia that even if you don’t smoke weed, you’ll want to after this mind altering trip from 1978.

On the open market this will cost you $28 via Amazon.

This set is averaging 4-star reviews and could be yours for free.

The (Simple) Rules:

In the comment section, give us a really good reason why you need this for Christmas or a Jewish holiday, or your random religion holiday.

Leave a legit email in the comment form for contact purposes.

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    1. Don Chavez says:

      Because I don't have money to buy other people gifts this year, and this looks like the perfect re-gift. But technically it wouldn't be a re-gift since it's a prize, right?

    2. J Koot says:

      In no way would this fall into the re-gift category.

      The receiver will have no clue that the set has been used as a beer mug coaster for the last two months.

    3. Bob G says:


      this is EXACTLY what i need for Xmas. everyone else is bitching about the channels they lost with the sirius/xm merger, but i'm bragging about what i gained! i was an xm subscriber, and i got the GRATEFUL DEAD channel. i get to listen to them every day now on my way to/from work. including "today in grateful dead history" every day. the egypt shows were fantastic, and i love the look of the box set, but it just seems wrong to PAY for dead music, when there's so much out there for free. so let ME have it and i'll play it in my car when i get tired of what the xm channel is playing. PLUS someday xm and sirius listeners will get bored with that channel and it'll go away. THEN what'll i do. if that's a sticker that comes with it, you can keep that, cuz i already have two on my car.



      i might be the only deadhead that reads sites like this. i think i've earned it. oh, and in return, i'll send you a sticker of the dead / obama change rocks logo mashup. it's hella cool, it came from the change rocks shows where the dead and the allman bros played to support the Obama campaign.

    4. Chuck D says:

      I need the CD so I can trade it to a hippie for some shrooms

    5. Bob says:

      As a taper who freely shares his recordings with others, I depend on the kindness of strangers when it comes to official releases.

      Check out some of my recordings here.

      Stream them, download them, share them, PLEASE!

    6. Jasper says:

      The reason I need this free shit is because I still live at home with my parents, and while I do enjoy the Grateful Dead I do not smoke weed. However, I like to have a mystique about me when my friends come over to make them think that I may be doing something exciting or edgy. So sometimes I strategically place empty beer bottles around the basement so it looks like other people have been there, when in reality I just drink on the weekdays alone. Then I may place a pair of girls clothing strewn upon my bedroom or bathroom floor, this may give them the impression I have had recent female company. What they don't know is that this clothing is either from one of my Halloween costumes from college or my last girlfriends' (which was 4 years ago). With the addition of a Grateful Dead collectible I could conveniently place it somewhere next to a lighter and incenses, and this in turn could only add more flare to my completely fabricated aura.

    7. David says:

      I would love this free Grateful Dead shit for Festivus, because I am such a Deadhead that I would wrap it and give it to myself under the Festivus tree. Plus, I'd love to see the footage of Jerry, Kesey and Bill Walton having fun at the Pyramids! My email is dmcq@mac.com


    8. Boiler Down says:

      Because I need to smoke a joint and zone out after Duke fucking smoked Purdue.

    9. Darin says:

      I need this so that I can give it to my brother who is a huge Grateful Dead fan. Plus the fact that I am a broke college student and can't afford to purchase gifts for my family members.

    10. Mikvogel says:

      So I'd love this as a re-gift.

      The wife's brother is a weeded out douche. He can't keep a job and has moved a couple of times from Chicago to Colorado and such.

      While he's worthless, when she's bitching about him not keeping a job or selling his plasma for his rent and how they "weren't raised this way" I get a free pass on having to engage in all the bullshit relationship talk.

      I figure re-gifting him this set for x-mas buys me a good 6 months of his worthlessness and couch riding.

      That's 6 glorious months of never having to talk about my feelings, whether the drapes should be red or magenta, or god-forbid having to explain to her again how the Cover-2 can be beaten by running a TE down the middle of the field.

      Don't waste this package on another stoner. Use it for the good that it can bring to the world.

      Thanks for your consideration,


    11. corey says:

      Because there simply is nothing better in life than reading Busted Coverage and listening to the Grateful Dead. In fact, doing both at the same time causes extreme sensory overload. The Dead was one of the two best bands ever assembled and Busted Coverage is one of the best blog sites ever assembled.
      My residency in Columbus should help too.

    12. Mark says:

      My son is 3 and a half years old. Every now and then he uses the toilet, but mostly he just craps in his pants. Dad gets the job of scrubbing my son's turds out of his Spiderman undies. Although I am proud of the quality of the stench that he is able to produce at such a young age, having to deal with it on a twice-daily basis really gets me agitated.

      I need something to relax, or I don't know what I might do the next time my son fills up his pants with the lunch I so graciously prepared for him. The Grateful Dead stuff will go along way to calming my frazzled nerves. Think of it as your public service activity of the day – Only you can help prevent child abuse!

    13. Bryan says:

      I know this hippie chick who would totally blow me if I gave her this for xmas. She doesn't shave . . . anywhere . . . so that's about as far as I'd want it to go. But nothing celebrates the holidays like a hippie chick blow job.

    14. I may not be getting hairy hippie blow jobs or psychedelic mushrooms in exchange for a DVD set and a veggie burrito. I may not have taped the classic Dead shows and then uploaded them for the world to listen to while they smoke their pot-grass. I don't even know if it would be a super crunchy experience to listen to the Dead and read B.C. at the same time. I prefer other stuff. I completely back the Festivus because it is so much better of a holiday than Christmas or Hanukkah.

      Just don't give it to the guy with the stickers already on his car. I hate that shit. Effin' subarus…

      Give it to me because I will pay for shipping.

    15. Chris says:

      I would be grateful (lame pun intended) if I won this.

    16. Brian says:

      You just gotta hook me up with this. I'm a former traveling with the bus, kind veggie burrito selling, dope smoking , balloon inhaling deadhead and by the way, it didn't affect me at all man. Thats why I'm here begging for freebies. Just picture me standing there in front of you, holding a sign that reads " I NEED A MIRACLE " . Ten years in a 63 vw coast to coast Jerry died and it was all over. Sure Phil and the boys tried to keep up the fight but it just wasn't the same. Send me back to the good ol days.

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