FREE SH!T FRIDAY : A Full Year Of Big Ten Tempe12 Bikini Models Staring At You



One of the great things about having a AA-level sports blog is that PR people, marketing reps and other hanger-ons always want you to promote media for them. 

So BC gets free stuff from time to time in trade for promotion. Since random contests become boring, we decided to hold onto our swag until Christmas season. 


For a single day in life we feel like giving you access to Midwestern college chicks.

The Swag: 

No hot chicks from the Big Ten, you say.


And to prove a point, Tempe12 chief David Freedman is getting in on FREE SH!T FRIDAY with his Big Ten 2008-2009 bikini calendar.

Remember, each woman in this calendar is an actual student.

This is the perfect freebie for your brother who dropped out of college and became a mechanic.

The (Simple) Rules:

In the comment section, give us a really good reason why you need this for Christmas or a Jewish holiday, or your random religion holiday.

Leave a legit email in the comment form for contact purposes.

*Sample the goods after the jump.* 








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    1. BadgerKyle says:

      I need this calendar for the Holidays because no one out here in LA believes me when I tell them that we actually have attractive girls in the Big 10 (once you take off the the winter clothing to set the sweater bunnies free!

    2. BadgerK says:

      I need it because no one in LA believes me when I tell them that we had hot women in the Big 10 (after the winter clothing comes off and the sweater bunnies are set free)!

      – Sorry if this is a double post . . my 'net went out after I pressed submit!

    3. Bryan says:

      The big ten calendar is only eight months long and I'm pretty sure April is actually a guy.

    4. Andrew says:

      I need this calendar for 2 very good reasons

      I'm a poor college student who can't afford a calendar and I've watched most of Michigan's football games this year, and anybody who does that deserves something

    5. Chris says:

      SEC > Big 10, but I'm sure their girls are still great to look at.

    6. Brian says:

      Got to have it. This may just be the contribution to the break room at the treatment plant that keeps the boys from turning queer on me.

    7. D. Cole says:

      again, it'll help me be more organized. sorta…

    8. A. Patel says:

      This will diff. Help me keep track when Ohio st. Plays. And stay on top of things.

    9. Andrew says:

      Why do I need this calendar – here are a few reasons why…

      1. I went to Michigan for four years and not only had to suffer through this horrible football season – I had to spend four years looking for a good looking girl in the Big Ten. This calendar will help me find her!

      2. The Michigan economy SUCKS and I can't get a job (let alone afford a calendar)

      3. I helped an old lady cross the street yesterday and karma dictates I deserve something good!

    10. VWeo says:

      I need to keep track of the women that I sleep; if you saw the hall of shame that is my sex life, you would appreciate/encourage linking what I "do" with faces from that calendar; it would be an act of mercy giving you a karmic edge during this holiday season and then again when your end is nigh. Calendar would also give me an edge in my burgeoning stalking hobby, to give me something to shoot for any time that I hit one of those campuses.

    11. sneaky pete says:

      I've clicked on the "College Freshman" and "Danielle Lloyd" links so many times that I've forgotten what other women look like.

    12. Luke says:

      Having one of these in the studio will definitely save us thousands in heating costs and should even motivate the guys to "raise the bar" and get some better looking clients to exercise!

    13. Sam Ghosh says:

      I'm already going to win the Philly 6ers calendar and it wouldn't be nice to not give my gf something =)

    14. Why I need this calendar? My old calendar has worn out, :-)

    15. monkeyness says:

      I'm getting this for my older brother. He needs fresh material.

    16. i loveee JS but she trying too hard to be sexy !

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