The Afternoon Dump: Sloppy Seconds, Britney Spears Is Getting Older, Tennis Star Goes Nude, Thanksgiving Brawl, Jessica Alba’s New Calendar, Rod Stewart’s Big Wife

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Look, it’s Miss Freedom Grill 2009.

Purdue has been played horrible last night, enough said. Still competition in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge as the record is 3-3 out of 11 games. The Big Ten has a chance this year, they just need 3 more games. Lets go Big Ten. Dick Vitale is very one sided and I hated listening to him last night when watching the Purdue game, I also have to listen to him tonight when he does the Michigan State-North Carolina game. Lets go MSU, Vitale be quiet.

Sorry for the lateness of the post, I have been really busy with exams and speeches this week.


Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

You can get suspended for saying sloppy seconds in the NHL, watch out [Salty Milk]

Britney Spears is now 27, wow that was quick [Celebslam]

The former tennis star is now posing nude [on 205th]

Which Patrick Swayze role is the best and most bad a$$ [Co-Ed Magazine]

Who has the hottest wife of the coaches? [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Watch out! If it’s Thanksgiving make sure you don’t stop to check you tires [Tasty Booze]

Wow, look at the last picture on this post, hard to see an animal do that [uncoached]

This is what Corona commercials really look like, well behind the scenes or to the right of it [Holy Taco]

A sneak peak of Jessica Alba in her new calendar  [Brahsome]

Search the term Bankruptcy on Ebay, see what you get [Steady Burn]

Case #5 looking real good [Next Round]

50 cent knows everything about the stock market [Epic Carnival]

Rod Stewart has one big wife (ads NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]

At least is simple for him [Mr. Irrelevant]

I might be able to do this shot, even though I don’t play [Machochip]