USC Song Girls Give Final 2008 Home Top Shelf Performance To Fans, Bloggers


A little blurry but you get the idea. The 2008 final curtain call. [Photo Credit]

What a year it has been for Busted Coverage and the USC Song Girls.

The ladies online reputation was cranked up a notch thanks to BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich who week after week outperformed any other gay photo editor in the sports blogosphere. The Gunaxin editor is pretty good, too.

The key was that Rich actually went out and found hot Song Girls to profile. Lindsey was an instant hit. The 40th anniversary was fun. We even went under the shirt of one 2008 Song Girl to see her tattoo.

Now it has all come to an end. Saturday’s game against Notre Dame marked the final home performance for the 2008 team. The next time we’ll see the team together will be Jan. 1, 2009.


One final scissor kick.

As is customary the Tuesday after a home game, we recap the weekend that was in the life of the Song Girls.
For those that have become fans, this is your One Shining Moment moment.

Say goodbye and don’t get thrown in jail doing so.


One final show for the Trojan holding the sword.

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    4. marshall says:

      THeses USC cheerleaders are HOT BABES…they can visit me in the hospital or home anytime they want…just for flashing their skirts to me….

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      what the fuck !!!!! jk

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      Great blog!

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