Erin Andrews Has Nice Watch, Sweater Kittens


Who will be the lucky guy to one day put a ring on that finger? [Credit]

DATELINE – Austin, TX (last week for A&M game)

Reason For Posting – Slow sports day, page views equal money

Importance Of Post – High (for those who track Erin Andrews’ wardrobe)

Why You Should Care? – It’s a woman, in a black stripped sweater and you dream about her constantly while jerking around at your day job.

What’s After The Jump? – A backside shot taken by another smart photographer.


Conclusion – A day without Erin Andrews is not possible.

Is this photo blurry?

Yes, and we just don’t care.

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  1. DEugea says:

    So, after a long day of eating and drinking with my wife's family, I was perked up by the sight of Erin and her lovelies. I pointed her (and them) out to my father-in-law and uncles-in-law. None of them had been college football fans before. They are all now.

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  7. cat says:

    Hi author! Can I, pictures from your website for my degree work?

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