6 Sports Figures Who Would Bust A Cap For That Thanksgiving Dinner, Led By Turkey Killer Mark Eaton

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How’s that turkey tasting?

You think it just magically froze and made its way to your local grocer? Wake up you tree hugging pussies. That animal had to die from a gun shot wound and there are still men out there who aren’t scared to blast a few caps to provide for their families.

Even if they are millionaire sports figures.

Their children won’t go hungry because these 6 guys will unload some metal on unsuspecting turkeys, bears, deer and grouse.

So pull up a chair and don’t forget to thank these men for doing their part to help control the animal population.

Eat up.

Mark Eaton – NBA, Utah Jazz



Brett Favre


Barry Bonds


Chipper Jones


Bobby Knight – in white


And of course everyone’s favorite animal killer Karl Malone


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