The Afternoon Dump: Boiler Up!, Puppet Terrorist, 3D football, Jessica Alba Wannabes, The New Real Life: Playstation 3, Bianca Is Hot, Carolina Needs To Wipe

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An era at Purdue is now over.

Coach Joe Tiller ran out onto the field Saturday for the last time. He left his career with a big win with our biggest rivals (Indiana University) 62-10. Wasn’t really a game to watch but fans stayed to watch Joe coach his last game and to thank him. At the end of the game there was a ceremony/presentation thanking Tiller for his amazing job at Purdue.

Joe Tiller Statistics:

  • Record: 87-62
  • Coached 12 years at Purdue
  • Took the Boilers to 10 Bowl Games

Thanks Joe Tiller for your awesome work at Purdue.

Boiler Up!

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