Confused USC Song Girl Natalie Nelson Still Hasn’t Erased Dallas Sartz ‘My Boo’ Photos


Then: Natalie & meal ticket Dallas Sartz (42); arrow to current husband.

We only continue down this path because you guys keep sending in photos and the “Natalie Nelson: former USC Song Girl” story sure beats making love to sweet Matt Cassel ‘is ripping up the NFL’ reports.

These pics ended up in our mail over the weekend and show yet another pattern to the Natalie Nelson is blond theory.

You see, back in the mid 00’s, Nelson was all about then-USC stud linebacker Dallas Sartz. He had gorgeous gunboats, hair that every guy dreams of and a tight ass.

We’re in love and this staff is all straight besides the Banana Republic chinos chasing photo editor.


(Circa ’04-’05) NOOOO!!! He’s moving in on your lady, Sartz.

For some reason these photos have never been deleted from the Internet.

Maybe it’s the lack of time while shopping for haircare products on an NFL wife salary. Whatever the case, we even get a look at Lofa Tatupu (he’s the Hawaiian with a bloody neck) attending a Halloween party and sipping on Miller High Life.

Ahh, those were the days. Sartz was a certain NFLer. Marriage was guaranteed. Riches would follow.
Not so fast.







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    1. Penelope says:

      Nice try… why don't you attempt to publish CURRENT FACTS on your website versus four year old news that is FALSE. This is pathetic. Does it make you feel good that you try to belittle and embarrass people with personal photos? Get a life.

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