Punt Returner Pops Right Up After Near Death Collision

Added: Nov. 19, 2008

Premise of Video: To show how to run through a tackle on a punt return. Just make sure it is legal the next time.

Climax of video: Well, this one is pretty simple. The kid goes for the ball, tackler goes for kill, there is a collision, it ends up on YouTube.

Conclusion: The punt returner pops up, the crowd goes crazy and this becomes a viral hit. Good job, kids.

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    2. elduderino1976 says:

      $100 says the pussy shouting "that was unnecessary" is:
      a) related to the greedy glory hound who got popped; and
      b) a spaz who never made it past junior varsity squash.

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    4. graham says:

      im confused? why is tht illegal?

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    6. andy says:

      graham, you are confused because it is an incredibly legal hit. the ball can be returned after hitting the ground, but the returner isn't protected by a fair catch call. Now, if he were to fair catch the ball, and catch the ball before it touches the ground, and the player still drilled him, that would be illegal.
      Whoever wrote this obviously doesn't know much about football.

    7. J Koot says:

      @ Andy

      "Whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t know much about football."

      You might want to check that video again. Watch what comes out of the refs back pocket.

      That is a flag.

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