Erin Andrews' Body In 3D Dream Could Come True For Geeky Gamers


EA went with the always trusty threshing belt Tuesday night at UNC.

Usually when BC needs a fix of Erin Andrews we’ll just hit up one of our dozens of DVR recordings of football games.

The South Carolina game where she was in all black comes to mind. The one where she looked like the Johnny Cash of sideline reporters.

But for geeky gamers who rarely turn off 360, soon it might be possible to watch EA while dorking out on a video game.

The dream of seeing a 3D EA in an EA game could become a reality, says EA (the reporter) in an interview with IGN.


“I think that’s something that they may be looking into for next year. I’ve heard rumblings and rumors, but I’m not sure,” Andrews said of being rendered as a 3-D character rather than a 2-D avatar in upcoming games. “I think there are talks for another (game), but I’m not allowed to say anything about it yet.”

3D rendering job openings at EA Sports just became must have jobs for 2009.

Just imagine the thought of applying those little sensory patches all over the leggy reporter. If she needs bodyguards for the sidelines just think of the security she’ll need from the gaming dorks.


To apply for jobs at EA Sports, go here.



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    2. ryzer says:

      so i take it, whoever wrote this article, hates video games and gamers alike huh? i guarantee you the people that make these games make lump sums over your measly paycheck. why you ask? for being "dorky" gamers.

    3. iversam says:

      i bet most of this idiots readers play video games…and whats "dorky" about playing them…i think its kinda dorky that u post a blog

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