Behind The Scenes: 76ers Dancers Release First Ever Swimsuit Calendar, Give Philly Fans A Show


This one came as a shock to us.

The Philadelphia 76er dancers are one of the better known teams on the NBA scene.

But the group had never put out the obligatory swimsuit calendar like just about ever other professional cheerleader/dancing team has done.

Until now.

And the 76ers brass wants you to see their work.



 Our favorite photo – do you gay men think it would be possible to move?

The ladies weren’t shipped out to some exotic locale where the beaches are the white sandy version. Instead, the women had their photos taken at the Waterfront Square Condominiums and Spa on the waters of the Delaware River.

Take that Aruba.

The calendar will also be included in the Sixers popular “Guys Night Out” ticket package. The one of a kind package includes four seats, four hot dogs, four beers or sodas, four Sixers Dancers Calendars, four $10 Dave & Buster’s Power Cards, access for four to the new Philadelphia Park Sports Bar and a halftime meet-and-greet with the Sixers Dancers. The package has two options, both with four tickets. The Lower Level seating option is an affordable $175 all together, while the Upper Level package is a flat out steal at $125.

Even in a faltering economy there are still deals where you can drink beers and meet ladies who will actually talk to you. We suggest you jump on this one.

[Buy the calendar]






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img_4244.JPG img_4249.jpg sixers_dancers_calendar_back1.jpg

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