Nick Saban Isn't Robot, Utters 'Sh!t' Across Alabama Sports Radio Network

Added: Nov. 14, 2008

Premise of Video: Nick Saban is tired of people thinking he doesn’t have emotions. He does, dammit, and The Nick is going to show them right here on his radio show.

Climax of video:
The word ‘shit’ comes out of Saban’s mouth and it wasn’t directed towards what he thinks of the LSU Burn Bama party. 3:00 mark folks for the good stuff. Saban gets fired up.

Conclusion: Saban risks a FCC fine as he tests the delay button on the Alabama Sports Radio Network. See, the guy isn’t just purely an asshole without a creative vocabulary.

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    1. Ken says:

      Classic shit! Oops.

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