You Will Show Your Hands When Photographed With Florida Panthers Ice Dancers


When ‘renting’ Florida Panthers Ice Dancers for $100 an hour there is a very specific rule you must follow.

In fact, the rule is spelled out bluntly on the request form.

Your hands will be shown in the picture. And they can be on the woman. Just let them see ’em.


“Keep that right hand where I can see it.”

If you are a Panthers sponsor a dancer will cost you $100 an hour.

Non-sponsors will have to shell out $200. Dancers will be sent to a variety of events such as kids birthday parties.

When the day comes for us to have children this will be a guarantee for little Timmy. A grand on 5 dancers should do the trick.

But the little ones will have to be reminded.

We need to see your hands.

[Rent a Florida Panthers Ice Dancer]

[NHL’s Hottest Ice Dancers: 2008-2009]


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    3. When are we going to drop this PC garbage and call "ice dancers" what they really are? Strippers (or "Frozen Strippers" or "Ice Whores").

      Oh wait, that would get rid of the no touching rule, wouldn't it?

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    5. orergelay says:

      Reason why is great to be a gay :D
      Michael Bolton doesn't live in your universe. Joke :)

    6. porntubefan says:

      Excellent site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

    7. Sean says:

      Hmmm, interesting, $100 to rent an "Ice Dancer"?? Ha, fellas it'll cost ya $0 if you rent Ice Dancer Kelly with her DDD's and her pancake face but you gotta buy her a nice happy meal and the bitch won't fail to get you off. She's a Log in bed but you won't more than five bucks.

    8. […] If you can’t read the fine print, or can’t peel your eyes away from the ladies in the fine printed outfits, the Panthers explicitly state that anyone being photographed with the dancers must have both hands in clear view of the camera. You can still touch them–just in a visible manner. A simple “excuse me,” as another Floridian might say, will not do–this will be enforced diligently. (Thanks to the good people at Busted Coverage) […]

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