The Ultimate Wedding Favor : UCLA Cheerleaders At $100 An Hour


Back in September we brought you news that UCLA cheerleaders could be ‘rented’ by the hour ($100) and it seems at least one lucky guy got a show the same day he became tied down for the rest of his life.

Virginia and Brian (no last name) recently got married and the big wedding reception surprise was the entrance of several members of the Bruins cheerleading team and the mascot.

Quick math: 6 cheerleaders & a mascot = 7 rentals. $700.

So much cheaper than the open bar and those stupid floating candles.

The coolest part of this night had to be the girls doing stunts just inches away from what appear to be very expensive chandeliers.

The following speech is pretty bad but stick with this video as the UCLA cheerleaders make their entrance to the shock of the crowd and the excitement of the guy who is now stuck in a married life.

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    2. Glenn says:

      At least learn to count. There are 8 cheerleaders plus the mascot.

    3. taw says:

      Wo, I would do that for sure. I wonder if they do parties?

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