A Drunken, Bloody, Puke-Tastic Vikings-Packers NFL Thriller


Now that there is an NFL Fan Code of Conduct going to a professional football game is like attending the French Open.

Fans sit on their hands, drink ‘a’ beer and shake hands with the opposing fans.

Uh, that isn’t happening reports the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  In fact, the newspaper sent a reporter to document the drunken good time had yesterday by fans of Green Bay and the Vikings.

The results of the impromptu investigation are fun, disturbing and expected.

A few of the highlights from this awesome read:

  • A middle-aged fan wearing a sweatshirt that read “I Root For The Vikings And Anyone Who Plays Green Bay” protested being ejected for flipping middle fingers to Packers fan.

Code of Conduct states you cannot taunt opposing fans. Instant ejection. The guy ended up with a disorderly charge and a visit to jail.


Other heroes of the day include:

  • A 25-year-old man who vomited all over his Adrian Peterson jersey outside GateH H.
  • A 33-year-old in the Fran Tarkenton jersey, who passed out face first into a sink in the men’s restroom behind Section 110 with 10 minutes left in the first quarter.
  • In the third quarter, a 21-year-old man was arrested for re-entering the Metrodome after being ejected for disorderly behavior following complaints by nearby fans.
  • One 43-year-old California man tried to get a head start on traffic after Adrian Peterson’s game-clinching run only to trip and fall head first into the concrete outside the VIP tent.

At least all these people will have a souvenir newspaper to read about the game since they won’t remember it. 

Congrats to all the white people for putting in a hard day’s work of getting bombed and yet nobody died.

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    1. Vikingsforlife! says:

      Thats right don't be coming down here from G.B. thinkin your gonna win in our house! we will mash you fuckers! you are down now that Favre is gone! Jesus we got a 100 yr old half retarded Ferotte leading us to the playoffs! Cant wait till next yr when Favre comes back out of retirement again just to dress in the purple! that will be the ultimate slap in the face to you cheese loving homo's! anyone up for a little party on Lake Minnetonka??

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    3. […] A Drunken, Bloody, Puke-Tastic Vikings-Packers NFL Thriller […]

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