The Afternoon Dump: The Girls of James Bond, Sarah Palin In Porn, 2016 Olympics Are Out, World Record Ruined, Erin Andrews Doesn’t Have a Sex Tape, Insane Facebookians

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Now Jennifer is one really good looking girl, or shall we say woman.

My boy Jay did great last night, getting me 35pts. Happy I played him.

I bought my first FHM magazine the other day, kind of weird. I am a Maxim fan but I thought I would try this out, little did I realize but it was the UK edition. So everything is written in England English rather than American English so certain things I don’t really understand.

Have a favor to ask of everyone. I need to know what you consider a hick to be, like what they wear so if you have any ideas shoot me an email at theintern@bustedcoverage.com

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

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