Seattle ‘Tuba Man’ Killed In Senseless Robbery By Two 15-Year-Olds, Police Say



‘Tuba Man’ ready to entertain his fans in September. [Photo Credit] 

A man who played a tuba and became a fixture to fans of the Mariners, Supersonics and Seahawks has died from injuries sustained in a robbery last week.

‘Tuba Man,’ a widely known figure on the Seattle sports scene, was found dead Monday in his room at a downtown inn.


[Photo Credit]

The Seattle Times reports that two 15-year-olds were arrested out of a group of 5 who are alleged to have beaten Tuba Man.

Since the early 1990s, McMichael had been a fixture outside Seattle sporting events where he wore funny hats and played songs on the tuba to match the fate of the SuperSonics, Seahawks or Mariners. He also played outside McCaw Hall on opera nights.

We joke on this site an awful lot but this isn’t one of those times. It’s pretty friggin’ sad when punks are nothing more than trash who would hurt a guy who is harmless.

Murder over what, $5 he made playing a tuba that night? If found guilty, we hope these idiots get a taste of justice.

Maybe they’ll get to feel what it was like to be in the fetal position getting pummeled like Tuba Man.

Carry on.

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    1. g.o says:

      eeevveerryyy sonics game i use to go to with my dad we would always see him posted up near the entrance playing his tuba. i couldnt believe it when i heard. what bothers me so much is just the way he went. im 19 years old and i just to think these guys are 4 years younger than i am… it makes me feel embarrassed to be apart of the same generation where kids feel like they have to act hard to be cool. i see kids from my old highschool and middle school walking around with that wannabe attitude, they look so fuckin stupid

    2. Mongo says:

      How very sad indeed … when you consider the punishment these punks are dealt .. just remember the tuba man gets no second chance … Mongo Calhoun

    3. Brian says:

      stumbled upon sad news. I had one extra ticket for a sonics game vs spurs and took the Tuba Man with me. Truly one of the most unforgetable experiences in my life. He asked if the ticket was seated with me and when I confirmed that he replied in his Tuba man bellow " See you in the seats" Boy were the other season ticket holders surrounding me ever surprised and then entertained. It was in 1995 and I will always remember the phrases that came out of him. " Tuba Man loves seafood" – after a basket by Detlev Schremf. "Dont call me magic" – after a bucket by Ervin Johnson, "Tuba Man is on fire! " – when the Sonics dance team took the floor. Sitting next to me with a yellow hard hat and the biggest soda available we discussed the team , who I was, and who he was. I remember asking what his best night was? he replied the American league west playoff between the Mariner and I think the angels in 94 or 95. " 300 dollars. Sad days indeed.

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