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Caitlin Davis, Teen Anti-Semite New England Patriots Cheerleader, Booted By Kraft Family

Caitlin Davis, the 18-year-old anti-semite New England Patriots cheerleader, has been relieved of her job by the Kraft family after photos of the teen surfaced on and then picked up by Deadspin.

By now you’ve seen the shots.

And so has the Kraft family who isn’t amused, reports the Boston Herald.

“She is no longer with the squad,” Pats spokesman Stacey James told us yesterday.

In fact, we understand that Caitlin was dismissed as soon as the team brass became aware of the Facebook fiasco.

As you most certainly know, team owners Bob and Myra Kraft are huge in the Anti-Defamation League and, while Caitlin might have been given a pass on the penises, the swastikas were a no-go.

She might be gone but her team profile remains.

Man, the Patriots are no fun. They have now lost both 18-year-old cheerleaders who brought us great joy. For some reason Becca disappeared just a few weeks into the season. We smell a league wide age requirement coming from Goddell.

Caitlin’s final Patriots performance and her Halloween costume after the jump…


Caitlin, front, going as an angel for Pats Halloween day.




[H/T Sports Crackle Pop for story and photo.]

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    1. m says:

      this girl is white trash. there's absolutely no excuse for what she did. she wrote her hate (with swastikas and "i am a Jew.") on this passed-out person with permanent markers. she proudly posed for a picture. and then she put it out on the net. hope this girl never finds a job. who would want a bigot like her? she makes the people of Boston look bad. she should apologize for what she did to the people of this country. what kind of drugs do you take to do something like this?

    2. Boner says:

      I like cookies, but Caitlin loves to be naughty.

    3. Jo Jo says:

      who the hell cares about the swastika?? how does this constitute anti-semitism?? hysterical crybaby jew.

    4. Paul says:

      Uh… let's see. The nazi symbol was a swastika, and nazis killed millions of Jews. Oh! I guess there is a connection. Honestly, how could you be so ignorant?

    5. Scott says:

      Jo Jo, you are retarded…

    6. KK ESQ says:

      Yea, she is really stupid. Gave up her $50 a game salary to cheer for the Pats in exchange for the 1 million she will get from Playboy.
      I blame Obama for all of this hate.

    7. hot4caitlin says:

      I think we are making some assumptions here. I have seen the photos… none of them show her actually writing on the guy, just posing next to him with a pen in her hand. I think its certainly safe to assume she wrote on him like all the other people did that night, but we don't know what she wrote.

      There was only one swastika drawn on the guy… under his chin among 1000 other symbols, words, doodles etc. It could have been drawn by anybody.

      She did a stupid thing, but I wouldn't call her an anti-semite or racist… just stupid.

    8. tim says:

      Do it Mitch!

    9. Phil says:

      I saw the Jew word and I saw a lot of words about cocks and penises but no swastikas. Where are there on this person's body?

    10. Caitlin has had her first amendment encroached upon by her employer. The ACLU needs to be contacted and the New England patriots need to re-instate her or pay punitive damages.

      Assuming that blue mess under the chin is a swastika is a huge stretch. And, assuming that it has any anti-Semitic reference is foolish.

      That symbol is over three thousand years old, and up until the Germans used it in WWII, it was a symbol linked with good. In fact the root derivative of its name means "good."

      Until the Nazis used this symbol, the swastika was used by many cultures throughout the past 3,000 years to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck.

      Even in the early twentieth century, the swastika was still a symbol with positive connotations. For instance, the swastika was a common decoration that often adorned cigarette cases, postcards, coins, and buildings. During World War I, the swastika could even be found on the shoulder patches of the American 45th Division and on the Finnish air force until after World War II.

      So, Caitlin-I congratulate you on your "patriotism" and I am appalled at the "Nazi" like approach taken by your employer.

      ~Shane Moore

    11. dan d says:

      that was funny lightenup who real cares

    12. poor catlin says:

      Poor Catlin she may have get a job at a strip club or work the streets in China town

    13. poor catlin says:

      Someone sould drug her white trash a$$ and write all over her…She looks like a real evil little BIT**CH.

    14. poor catlin says:

      You are a white trash skank. I love it that the SKANK is off the team lol. Welcome to adulthood little missie lol Go sellyour skanky boobs & shaved pusssie to penthouse mag
      Her parents must be so proud! Wait until they see her in the Girls Gone Wild video from her upcoming Spring Break trip!

    15. poolgod69 says:

      I think she should do porn….

    16. John Smith says:

      Shane Moore,
      You are a moron. The 1st Amendment only protects an individual from the government. Private companies are free to fire people who give them bad publicity. If she went to the ACLU they'd laugh in her face.
      Is she anti-semetic or racist? My guess is no, she's not. But she's also not too bright for posing for a picture with this guy. She's employed by a major and popular corporation, she should have known that her actions could result in publicity and thus effect her employment.
      You can write all you want about what the swastika meant before the Nazis but here in the 21st century it means Nazis, epsecially when written with the word "Jew". The only possible way you could think otherwise is if you are like 12-years-old.

      The girl is young made a stupid mistake. BUT the Patriots aren't about to damage their brand-name by allowing their employees to pose with swastikas, let alone the fact that they probably weren't thrilled about the immaturity of one of their employees posing with a passed out person and posting it on the internet.

    17. Missing Caitlin says:

      In all honesty, I don't see it being this big a deal…She's 18…She's partying on a Friday night with what she believes are friends… Someone got hammered and passed out… they drew all types of stupid stuff of the guy…who care? And, no body has said definitively, that she was the artist in all this, just that she was in the picture, posing in front of this moron…Do I think she contributed to this human canvas, yes…Do I think she was responsible for racial slurs, nobody knows…Do I think she's a genuine, good person who made a mistake in being in that picture while hanging with friends…YES!!!

      We've all done this type of stuff before (or atleast those who have actually gone off to college, had a social life, friends, etc…you know who you are…)…I think those who are most appauled by this, are those who had no social life, don't understand the college environment, and can't grasp how something "so off the wall" could have happen…WHAT??? Drawing on another human being???? CRAZY! Ughh….

      Definitely a mistake jumping in that picture when you're a face representing the Pats, but you reprimand, not fire, and move on… I can name several players who've had much more severe off-the-field issues, and are still there…yes, they are players, but they represent the team, right? Faulk, caught with marajuana, Neal, caught buying mass quantity Vikes and Percs from a drug dealer, etc…

      In my opinion, all the Pats have done here is exhibited their selective no-tolerance policy here, and picked out someone who doesn't effect their bottom line to make an example of, showing they don't tolerate "such egregious" behavior on this defenseless young (…and hot!) chick…THIS IS B.S. !!!

      Good luck to you Caitlin…Section 138 will miss seeing you!
      I'm certain we'll see you again "in the spotlights" of your choosing…

    18. John Smith says:

      Hey Missing Caitlin, guess what?
      She doesn't know you exist and won't be running to you for comfort when she reads how "understanding" you are.
      Yes the girl made a mistake, but in the real world posing with Nazi symbols isn't a good career move. There aren't too many companies out there that will stick with an employee after a picture of them posing with a Nazi symbol is leaked to the world. In fact, some companies wouldn't hire someone who has pictures of themselves on the internet posing with passed out drunk people. So spare us how terrible this is for her. She wanted to play in the real world, and the real world sometimes is harsh. She's probably just immature for her age (as evidence by her choice of "finance" who is now threatening deadspin) but hey, we've all got to grow up sometime.

      Yeah, I went to college and did stupid stuff. But I also wasn't working as a highly visible employee for a major corporation. That's why such highly visible positions should not go to someone so young and immature. The Patriots should have thought twice about hiring someone so young.

      And give it a rest about what the players get away with. The players are essential to the Patriots' business, thus they'll get away with more than a nonessential employee. Wow, big surprise that nonessential employees are fired for the least thing. Such is life in the real world.

    19. woah says:

      People need to mellow out. The person who was hurt most by this incident wasn't the passed out dude, it wasn't the jewish community, it was her. Yeah she is stupid and deserves to get fired, but lets not get carried away and start giving out history lessons; your teaching no one. Bottom line is it was just an idiotic douchey prank that left one more moron out of a job. That's the way it should be and that's exactly what happened. No need to get emotional over idiots, that's just retarded.

    20. C says:

      The only reason any female would call this girl a skank, when this story has nothing do to with any subject matter relating to being a skank, is because they all wish they could look like her. Females so petty. If you are fat and ugly just go to the gym and stop eating. This girl is super hot and stop being jealous fatties.

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    22. drf says:

      who cares what she did!!! if she wants to draw nazi symbols and write racist things about blacks and jews she can do whatever she wants! who the hell is anybody to tell her what she cant do in her own house, on her own time, and on her personal networking site! you have the right to express yourself in this country and thats what she did! everybody needs to stop living through the eyes of the fake liberal media! people will always be racist and people will always hate! you cant stop it! theres no difference between calling a jew a kike, calling a black a nigger, or calling a girl a bitch, or calling a guy a loser! theres no difference! its freedom of speech and thats what i would have said to whatever ditz/goldigger fired her! if people out there think hitler is the greatest then thats their own personal opinion and i dont care if your the richest guy in the world, or the poorest, you can have your opinion all you want! ESPECIALLY ON YOUR OWN TIME! the more people get punished for opinions and beliefs they have like this….the more people are going to keep getting more and more and more and more and more pissed off!! and its eventually going to cause an even greater disaster!
      p.s there is no democratic female in this country, more better looking than her lol

    23. Go Cait says:

      does anyone really know what happened? or are they just going on what all the papers said? everyone is hateing on caitlin for jumping in a picture. Get the F**K over yourselfs and let her live her life she made a mistake who cares.

    24. […] are one of it not my favorite squads in the NFL.  And now that they’ve had all this Nazi Facebook controversy with Caitlin Davis, I’m even more intrigued by this […]

    25. I am Jewish says:

      As a jew the only things that really insult me about this is the false history of the swastika as stated above and the vilinization of the word "Jew".

      The swastika IS thousands of years old, and WAS used by Hindus, Greeks, Romans, and countless other peoples. However, the Germans turned the swastika in the opposite direction. This is similar to an upside down cross or an inverted crescent. The symbols, cross, swastika, and crescent all have peaceful histories, but the terrors enacted under these desecrated symbols are far from permissible. Show me a roman swastika and I can find history and meaning, a German swastika? Only the slaughter of nearly 5 million Jews, Roma's, protestants and political prisoners, as well as almost 70 million civilians and military casualties on all sides due indirectly or directly from a war of German aggression. Not to mention most people drawing swastikas on people or as graffiti are not thinking to themselves…."I want to draw a symbol of peace, rebirth, and fertility."

      Secondly, calling someone a Jew is not an insult. I call myself a Jew, I call other Jewish people Jews. If the girl wrote "I'm a christian" on the drunk guy no one would see it as an insult. Yet write "I'm a Jew" and its antisemitism. Cause in the end its not the use of the word to describe Jews, its the fear that non-Jews have of being labeled a Jew. Thats the real antisemitism.

      Finnaly, we live in a capitalism. Free speech only exists in the public markets. If you're private you can do what ever the hell you want. Same reason why Walmart refuses to carry explicit music, and blockbuster refuses to carry A rated video games. If you're a private orginization, court case after court case has proven you have the right to decide your own values.

    26. John says:

      waaaaaa….waaaaaa….waaaaaaaaa….waaaaaaaa…Yes this young girl that did something stupid (Thats a first) Lets all tear her apart and beat her up…Lets get violent and maybe attack her…um…u know…so people don't think we are racists…cause after all…We are all without sin…er…right? Lets be honest…this girl could have clubbed a kitten to death and received less abuse for it. It was a joke…not in direct reference to those who died under the reign of Adolph Hitler…But to the sense that nobody would want a swasticker painted on their body. Didn't see anybody dethrone the little royal s*** in england.I just wrote a swasticker on a piece of paper…does this make me a racist? You over anxious liberals crack me up. Me think you protest to much.

    27. chelsey says:

      wow you people are so stuck up…..caitlin is one of the nicest down to earth people ever and so what if she wrote racial remarks im sure she didnt mean it ….i agree completley with what she did…the girl is in college what do u expect…your all just jealous kikes who have nothing better to do than bitch about pointless shit as usual, and you shouldn't even be talking about her if you don't know her personally she is a very nice girl you should give her a chance

    28. ohh…nice post but really?/? :P

    29. Shane Moore says:

      John Smith,

      Clearly you have no understanding of civil tort law or the American Bill of Rights. I recommend you keep your mouth shut before you expose yourself for more of a fool than you already are.

    30. Steven says:

      O the horror! The world must be coming to its end now that this attractive young lady drew a swastika. What we need to do is collect all the racists and anti-semites and put them in concentration camps.

    31. tenfootmice says:

      Seems like double standards really. Cheerleaders make drunken mistakes (usually by taking their clothes off which is weird when you think there job is to be half dressed eye candy at games) and get shamed and booted out. Players beat up their girlfriends and get suspended for a few games and a few dollars taken from there million dollar pots. America likes to consider itself liberated not in world of sports it’s not.

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    33. […] I’ll admit that I was skeptical of the Seahawks signing a teen cheerleader to the team. The Patriots went through this years ago and it ended up being a disaster with a cheerleader going anti-semite while writing graffiti on a friend.  […]

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