BC Special Report: USC, Tempe12 Bikini Model Is John McCain’s Hottest Supporter

Republicans are going to die when they see who is supporting their cause.

That’s right Republicans, you too have hot chicks who support your candidate.

Alexis is a USC student, a Tempe12 model and a proud John McCain supporter.

That is because she has Christian values, doesn’t like taxes and has a father who works hard for his money.

While we aren’t going to get into the political ideals of this young lady, BC will provide you with photos that prove this dental doctoral hopeful is easily “John McCain’s Hottest Supporter!”

Her thoughts and photos after the jump…

Sexy McCain Maverick – video powered by Metacafe
Yeah! Take that Obama chicks!

tempe12_girls_of_the_pac10_alexis_25_20080917_1449497151.jpg tempe12_girls_of_the_pac10_alexis_40_20080917_1627255494.jpg tempe12_girls_of_the_pac10_alexis_47_20080917_1264793803.jpg tempe12_girls_of_the_pac10_alexis_51_20080917_1900201631.jpg tempe12_girls_of_the_pac10_alexis_36_20080917_1069311047.jpg tempe12_girls_of_the_pac10_alexis_15_20080917_1974906441.jpg tempe12_girls_of_the_pac10_alexis_5_20080917_2010357578.jpg

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    1. Dave says:

      I'm a repub but this is dumb. I'm also a doctor and this girl isn't going to be a doctor she'll be a dentist and she comes off really, really air-headed. I'd watch her pose all day but I wouldn't let her inside my mouth with a sharp object.

    2. stan0812 says:

      This chick is not a good rep for the mcCain cause… very stuck up and snobby… she will never be a dentist – she'll be stripping or marrying a dentist after flashing her way to the top……

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    4. MusicSkins says:

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