Cougar Alert! Former USC Song Girls Prowling


What happens to a USC Song Girl after she ages 30 or so years, marries a recording exec, tans in the South of France, pops out a couple blond hair brats and divorces the exec only to cash in on the pre-nup?

She goes back to a USC Homecoming to relive the glory days of shaking it for O.J., Charles White and Marcus Allen.

BC had been promoting the 40th Song Girl Anniversary for weeks and didn’t realize the cougars would be unleashed in the customary sweaters and sneakers.

Oh, yeah, we were shocked. In a good way. This kind of action usually goes on a credit card and costs $24.99 a month.

Thanks to Po He at PeteCarroll.com for making our weekend with these photos.


O.J. sits in a jail cell while the ladies he used to chase shake it for Pete and Dirty Sanchez. Sorry, Juice. We hope busting into that hotel room was worth it.





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