LSU-Georgia Bet Doesn't End Well For One Redneck


A white guy and a black guy who work together happened to be doing some trash talking last week about the then upcoming LSU-Georgia football game.

Black guy says it was all in good taste. He was rooting for Georgia. Redneck was hoping for a LSU home victory.

Drummer (the black guy) says he was told (by white guy) that if Georgia won the game, he would have a surprise waiting for him Monday morning, a local television affiliate reports.

You know the outcome.

The Tigers were trounced, in Death Valley and fans don’t react well to such tragedy.

Then Monday morning came.



Mr. Drummer got to work and found a hangman’s noose laying at his feet.

And of course he took offense.

Not only did LSU redneck lose a game, but he became the first East Baton Rouge Parish resident to ever be arrested under a new state law making it a crime to intimidate with a noose.

“I noticed the noose on the ground. I asked him about it. They all laughed at me like it was a joke.”

Isolated incident? Not for LSU fan.




    1. Marc Maxwell says:


      Check out what really happened at the game.

      If you are a UGA fan, thought you may enjoy this post by Sports By The Numbers. http://sportsbythenumbersnews.blogspot.com/2008/1

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    3. […] land. It also contains more assholes per square capita than any football conference in the land. Remember LSU fan who made a noose for his black co-worker (a Georgia fan)? Bastards are sick. Need proof? […]

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