The Afternoon Dump: 73 Year Old Plays Ball, Guy Gets Hit By Car, Ultimate Celeb Sex Tape List, The Best Flashlight, Football Coach Doesn’t Like It

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Audrey makes those glasses look good

Now that’s what I am talking about. The Rays won. Told you that the Phillies win was just a fluke. Now on to Philadelphia to continue game 3 of the series. My prediction: Tampa-6 Philadelphia-4.

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Afternoon Dump

73 year old man will be playing basketball for a junior college in Tennessee [Salty Milk]

Instead of a car for Miley Cyrus she wants her own apartment [Celebslam]

Target has to be proud of there employees, I mean after all it is kind of hard to do this [Co-Ed Magazine]

A good song to workout too [uncoached]

This guy is a real idiot, he gets hit by his own car [Tasty Booze]

Now these women have some tattoos [Head of Fred]

Celebrity sex tape guide, everything you need [Tabloid Prodigy]

This would be crazy to see some grandmas having this flashlight [Brahsome]

Its friday, so that means its pre-gaming time [The Big Picture]

This is a hard lineup to rank, is she really the number one? [TV Tan Line]

This coach decided his money could have been spent better else where [Epic Carnival]

This goalie just shouldn’t have tripped up this guy [Machochip]

Nick Young makes his dunking debut [Mr. Irrelevant]

If you want to be serious make sure your chair can hold your weight [Next Round]

That hot girl Hayden shows off some undies (ads NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]