Bills Fan Gives Dan Marino Jersey Guy A Shower

Easily the dumbest and greatest video we’ve discovered this NFL season.

We’ll let the videographer set the scene for you:

A Clown at the Bills Game pours beer on some dude stupid enough to wear a Dan Marino Jersey at the Bills Game. He should have realized: A. They’re not playing the Dolphins, B. Dan Marino is one of the most hated Dolphins of all time. C. He should NOT antagonize fans by pointing at himself when they were chanting a$$hole.

You wanted attention? You got it man.

Now in no way is BC advocating wasting beer on the head of another meathead. But in this case it makes for great theater so we’re all for it.

You will not wear a Marino jersey to Buffalo and get away without smelling like….uh…is that even beer stench?

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    1. josh says:

      Typical drunk dumbshit fans. Too bad your Bills suck so bad, that to get over it you have to pour beer on a miami fan. The bills are a joke, have been a joke, and will be a joke for many many many many years to come. How sad that to pass the time you resort to pathetic endeavors such as this. GO Dolphins!! Did anyone think that they would destroy the bills this year?? Not a chance. Lets go J P Losman….maybe he can suck it up for you guys some more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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