West Texas A&M Cheerleaders Have Interesting Warm-Up Routine


The post-game parties must be fun. [Credit]

BC rarely dabbles in the sub-BCS divisions when looking for blog-able stories.

The usual suspects: LSU, OSU, UF, USC, UCLA, ASU, FSU, UT, PSU CU and UM keep us busy enough.

But then along comes WTA&M. That would be West Texas A&M (Canyon, TX) for those who aren’t down with non-BCS acronyms.


For a school with only 5,000+ undergrads they got our attention with the above cheerleader warm-up routine photo and their intensity in supporting a football team who faces the likes of Mesa State, Eastern New Mexico, Angelo State and the always stacked Abilene Christian.

WTA&M is 7-1 and ranked 4th in the Division II regional poll. These pics are from last week’s game, a loss to the aforementioned Abilene.

Look below, these students are having a Maroon Out even though there are only about 1,000 fans.

That, folks, is dedication to Division II football.






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  1. Isaac says:

    I have no idea how you guys find pics like that

  2. Zeek says:

    WT is a freaking joke!

  3. Keystonedude says:

    AND, of course my comment was deleted. Typical.

  4. Keystonedude says:

    Deleted again? Wow. You must have issues.

  5. nottobepicky says:

    There were actually about 15,000 people there for that game.

  6. Johnny forreal says:

    1,000 fans? Idk about that… When I went to school there (2004-2008) we generally had around 20,000 fans. Not bad for D-II. Actually, WT holds the record attendance for D-II.

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