The Next Erin Andrews: Big Ten Network’s Melanie Collins Was A Bikini Model


Now that Erin Andrews is 30, and has been around for a few years, we are losing interest.

She’s like a running back who had a nice 4-5 year run and is now in the twilight of the career. Think Shaun Alexander.

There were Pro Bowl years but fans begin looking for something younger and peppier. In the sideline reporter community that replacement is on the scene but you probably haven’t noticed.

Her name is Melanie Collins – a recent Penn State communications grad – and she’s working for the Big Ten Network.

But there is a small secret that will intrigue American men. Ms. Collins was a bikini model. Tempe12 to be exact.

Erin can move over because we’re trading her in on a younger, tanned, blond named Melanie.



Melanie (left) with friends who could also work sidelines.

Ms. Collins currently covers the Penn State beat but we expect after this year of seasoning she’ll be prowling the sidelines of Big Ten stadiums looking for injury updates and driving coaches crazy at halftime.

Suddenly the Big Ten Network is compiling some of the hottest reporters ever seen in the modern era of broadcasting.

Charissa Thompson, Ashley Russell and now Melanie. ESPN cannot even begin to compete with this trio.

We’ll predict Melanie works another 2 years at BTN and then signs a free-agent contract with ESPN. She’ll be working ESPN2 games by 2011.



The future Erin Andrews, left, with another friend.


As Jeremy Shockey

melanie9.JPG melanie18.JPG melanie28.JPG

melanie29.JPG melanie78.JPG melanie79.JPG



    1. Michael Sikora says:

      As you can see I am from State College, Pa which happens to be the hometown of Penn State, Larry Johnson, and Melanie Collins who you had a highlight on today. I graduated from State High a few years ago and thought you would be interested that Melanie Collins and Larry Johnson dated in high school. In fact there was a RUMOR of a sex tape between the two. I have no evidence but it that is what I have heard.

    2. John says:

      Hot diggity. Too bad I hate the Big 12. Let this be a trend that continues…. Sorry Craig Sager.

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    5. Botox Biden says:

      Well Sikora – if she dated Larry Johnson and it didn't work out .. now we know why he beats up nearly any woman within shouting distance OR tosses drinks in their faces!!

    6. hes says:

      just so you know when larry johnson graduated high school, melanie collins was in 7th grade…so i hope thats not the case

    7. Pnt says:

      haha hes, i was just about to say the same thing. i read what that michael sikora guy was saying and i was doing math in my head cuz it didnt make any sense whatsoever.

    8. Unc says:

      Michael S – I think you have your PSU running backs confused. In high school Melanie dated Austin Scott (who was freshman at PSU when Mel was a senior in HS) not Larry Johnson.

      Melanie was in 7th grade when LJ was a Sr at State High. Even she wasn't that precocious.

    9. Peacemaker says:

      Oh man, I saw her on NBA TV today and I think I love her:-D

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    11. Kaite says:

      Melanie is now dating Flyers forward, scottie upshall

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    13. no wonder she looks so hot

    14. Next Erin Andrews for sure…that's what I told her exactly. And Melanie's definitely hotter than Erin.

    15. Mr Me 2 says:

      I worked with Melanie Collins at Penn State she used to work at Abercrombie. Definitely did date Larry Johnson, no question about it, he got drafted by the Chiefs and they were still on/off again at that point in time. If you really think that girl being 15 and LJ being 21 was gonna matter maybe you should have been ID'ing her because no one would ever have known she was a day younger than 18 since the girl peaced out on middle school. The girl is a star in person too, and she's actually a really sweet girl.

    16. Jodark says:

      As another State College native, Larry and Melanie were definately dating. Many rumors exist about this. They have even been caught in the act.

    17. Robert says:

      Your ALL missing the boat! Heidi Watney the sportscaster on NESN is the hottest woman on the planet!!

    18. Mitragyna says:

      its pretty uncanny to land on this page from stumbleuponi was just thinking about this exact thing last night. glad to see someone took the time to write about it. hope u have a good weekend!

    19. Casey says:

      Geez…who is the brunette chick in the middle at the top?

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      but still need more enjoyment hope you will try your level best

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