Boston College Fan Makes Penalty Flag For Virginia Tech Game, Throws It, Confuses Referees

You’ve been there.

The ref misses a blatant pass interference. Even after 8-9 beers you know a penalty.

If only you had your very own flag to throw.

Enter Boston College student (and possibly this YouTube user) responsible for this moment Saturday night against Virginia Tech.

The videographer report:

A fan takes matters into his own hands when the referee decides not to call pass interference. Guess who it was?

Flag was made from a cut up superfan shirt, wieghted with pennies and tied with a thin strip of duct tape.

The announcers proceed to talk about it for over two minutes, on national TV.

Very funny. What happens with that flag hits player in the face taking out one of his eyes? Orlando Brown, anyone.
We cannot condone such behavior even though Bob Davie seems to.

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