Dodger Fans Throw Beer On Cops, Feel The Wrath

In today’s Daily Dump there was a link to a TMZ video of this same incident, but we must give YouTube user matthewward24 credit for catching an even better angle to this mess during Game 5 of the NLCS.

The videographer report:

The most entertaining part of the game were the fights that broke out in the stands…..
Lets get this straight. I am not a Dodger fan. I am a Giants fan. however, it was the last game of the playoff and I though I should go show some so-cal love in such an exciting environment.
The ironic thing is that a Giants fan is actually the one who started this whole ordeal. he didn’t actually do anything wrong, but the crowd took it to him. the guy who got dragged by the cops threw his hat, knocked out his beer, and smashed his hot dog. everybody was blaming the fight on the giants guy when the cops came. it is stupid to go into dodger stadium wearing Giants stuff I don’t care how loyal you are its dangerous!

the fans are definitely disrespectful, most of them didn’t come to watch baseball….more just to start trouble. and I’m not gonna lie it was extremely entertaining.

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    2. Jason says:

      Fuck the giants, waht the hell is he doing at a Dodger playoff game, wasting valuable seat space………showing "So-Cal love" and "Giants fan" don't belong in the same sentence, WTF dude should get popped just for bullshit like that, SanFran started it just by showing dressed like Halloween.

      Hey great idea, let's go to Yankee Stadium in Red Sox gear to show some New York love, excuse me I have to go punch somebody, giants suck gigantes my ass

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    4. […] Dodger Fans Throw Beer On Cops, Feel The Wrath […]

    5. Steve says:

      I was in the bleachers to the right of this incident and when we heard an uproar we were all trying to figure out what happened. Right before this incident I saw a Giants cap go flying over the fence and out the back of the park, so I guess this closes the mystery.

      And as a sidenote, what the hell is a giants fan doing at a dodgers game where his seat cost $50? And how dumb is he repping giants gear in the bleachers? I saw plenty of beer get thrown at phillies fans that game. I wanted to drink mine, but my dodger dog wrapper scored a dome shot.

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