Pitt Beat Writer Has Never Heard Of Erin Andrews



You cover sports, specifically college football and don’t know who Erin Andrews is? Doesn’t Pittsburgh get ESPN, ABC or have the Internet? You should know her as the sideline chick with the hoagie (he’s from Pennsylvania) in her mouth.

Somehow this question got on yesterday’s chat with Paul Zeise of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the guy is either (A.) delusional (B.) lying to keep the subject on football, or (C.) married and about to be killed by his wife if he answers that question.

Then again, the guy covers Pitt football and the program isn’t exactly bringing in the huge media outlets for tilts against powerhouses such as Akron and Syracuse.

So, being the good guys we are, let us introduce Mr. Zeise to “Erin Andrews, America’s Queen Of The Sidelines!”









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    1. Matt says:

      Funny story about a weekend full of Zeise. In Nov. 2006, Pitt football played at Connecticut. The next day, Pitt basketball opened up at the Maggie Dixon Classic at West Point. I went with the Pitt News to both of those. My best friend and roommate, the Sports Editor at the time (I was the online Editor) was driving along on the way to UCONN (from Pittsburgh, an 11-hour trip) and we see a car broken down and 100 yards ahead of it, a huge man in a Carolina blue Adidas jumpsuit.

      After a double take, my friend asked "Was that Paul Zeise?" We had to checkit out, so we pulled over and sure enough, it was Zeise. He had run out of gas in the middle of a 12 hour drive and his cell apparently wasn't working. It was blind luck that probably one of only a handful of people that would have recognized him was driving by at that second. After a hilarious exchange, we got him some gas and got him back to his car.

      A day and a half later, we were at West Point. I sat next to Andy Katz at the press table and my friend (to my left) was next to Paul. As the game started, Katz asked where the hell Zeise was (and seeing that we were from Pitt, he figured we might know. Zeise comes in at almost the half, exasperated, saying he couldn't find the place. He asked how we found it so easily and we told him Mapquest. He said "Huh?" and sat down, collecting all the game notes he had missed. So apparently he's never heard of Mapquest either.

      Clueless as though he may be, he's a good guy.

    2. Dave says:

      Erin Andrews is average. Get over them you guys are better than her in your coverage…she's a poster child for nose jobs and "coke diets" everywhere.

    3. sdawdeqwe says:

      Pitt's the 23rd ranked team in the country, they're not exactly irrelevant.

      You don't know what you're talking about.

    4. JIMPSU says:

      Like most sPITT fans, he covers the game from his Barcalounger with a case of Iron City at his side.

    5. J Koot says:


      Pat yourself on the back when Pitt wins the Big East.

      It'll be a major accomplishment.

    6. sdawdeqwe says:

      I stopped by the State Penitentiary the other day JIMPSU to watch the PSU Football team practice.

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    8. […] Sports Writer Doesn’t Know Erin Andrews […]

    9. Leon says:

      Must be a homo.

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