More Red Sox Fans Take Tampa Police Tasers


It seems we have a pattern of Tampa police opening a can of Taser on men wearing Boston Red Sox gear.

Just this weekend we found two videos where the fuzz has had to subdue Sox guy via some electrical voltage during the ALCS.

This comes just a couple weeks after police stuck a Taser to the head of a Sox fan.

The action in Tampa this weekend:


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    1. RedSoxSonoma says:

      Two of those goons are the same who nearly tasered Sciesinski last month. This is starting to look like a Patriots fan walking into a Raiders home game.

    2. Hit Dog says:

      Cracker-ass cracker cops. And I thought Yankee Stadium police were bad at crowd control.

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    7. RedSoxSonoma says:

      Are there any stories published regarding this October tasering incident? Can't seem to find anything.

    8. […] More Red Sox Fans Take Tampa Police Tasers […]

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