Mellie Z : The Hottest UMass Student, Ever, Listens To NPR And Is Way Into Politics


Easily the hottest, and bustiest NPR listener under 25.

It’s been awhile since we introduced you pigs to the world of Mellie Z. who once attended UMass and quickly became the only reason to pay attention to the school.

Well, our Minutemen crush has been busy and obviously has new photos for you to lust after while you count down the days until your inevitable layoff in this bullshit economy. Her look has changed from a school-ish appearance to full on hot POA.

Mellie, 23, has also been busy working for Playboy. We cannot show you any of those photos because it would likely lead to a jail sentence. A link will have to suffice.


In her Playboy Lingerie Nights bio she gives you animals a little hint at what it will take to date her.

Active member of Peta and the Humane Society . I also am very much into politics, I’m always on, and listening to NPR in my car…I choose to stay away from propagandized news as much as possible. All in all, I would have to say my favorite thing to do is, sit back, relax and smoke my favorite cigar with my favorite boy…

Listening to NPR?

Us, too. Car Talk. All Things Considered. Honestly, we could see dating Mellie as an option.

It’s also important to Mellie that you are not be a big fat slob.

Activities: I love spinning, Step (high & low) ashtanga and Power yoga, Pilates, aerobic kickboxing (even though I never really do it anymore), weight training and a little bit of cardio.

20080409194347_l.jpg 20080225154930_mail_l.jpg 48dd32d862d06.jpg 48d7114845820.jpg 48d82b801c91d.jpg 481fa2f988e24.jpg 48ba19dd57fd8.jpg

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    1. haha says:

      thats the worst fucking boob job in the history of tits, tara reid laughs at her, looks like they inserted 2 snowglobes.

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    3. Big Bad Luck says:

      Jesus! The amount of photoshop touches in this girl´s pictures is just ridiculous! This girl might not even exist, for all i know!

      Look at the face in the first picture: almost hand drawn!

      And the hair/boobs in the second picture? Awful!!! It isnt even good photoshop!

      You didnt notice that?

    4. J Koot says:

      It does seem the doctor didn't get the memo to go with a full C on this tiny frame.

    5. jd says:

      if your turned off that much because of the photoshoping then your prolly gay dude..this girl is smoking hot

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    7. Mike Q says:

      She is Smokkkkin HOTTTTTTTTTT

    8. hector says:

      Mellie Za actually went to Worcester State College….I saw her on several occasions at the gym on campus. She has since had a total face reconstruction. She may have even had a boob job.

    9. Moneyki says:

      Согласен с автором, все верно написал!

    10. Ñ‚Ð says:

      Где я могу это найти?

    11. You've gottobek says:

      Animal activist…er, exhibitionist? NPR? What a joke! So concerned with how animals are treated yet she mimics animals in her pathetic photos. So concerned about environmental issues are we?,,,how about all that toxic silicone you have in your horrible disaster of a boob job! They should take away your doctor's license-no real breasts rest on a woman's arms unless they are laying on their back! Take your money from playboy and go get those puppies fixed-please don't expose them because they are laughable! Sad, really!

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