BTN's Ashley Russell Will Play Fantasy Sports With You


We’re pretty angry, like usual, with the Big Ten Network.

They have this chick (above) Ashley Russell prowling conference sidelines and yet we’ve heard absolutely nothing from the conference hype machine.

C’mon people, Ms. Russell is the second coming of Erin Andrews and you are failing.

Luckily Men’s Fitness isn’t as stupid. They got Ashley on the phone this week and found out a few secrets about our sideline crush.


The men’s mag wanted to talk with her about women playing fantasy sports.

And she does. Perfect, let’s chat.

Do men find it easier to approach women who are interested in sports?

“…this is a whole new turn-on for men: women who can hold their own in a conversation about sports. My friends and I have gotten marriage proposals because of it”

Makes sense.

How can a guy get his girlfriend interested in sports?

Show her the ins and outs. Honestly, it does open up the conversation in a relationship. And how many relationships fail because the guy wants to be in front of the TV every Sunday and Saturday, and the girl wants to do something else?

She’s obviously smart about this stuff.

What are the things you look for in a guy?

If he likes to go to football games-if he likes Big 10 basketball, even better. If men can be really loyal to a team-if he’s a huge Yankees fan or whatever-that carries a lot of weight in life too.

Football. Basketball. Baseball.

She is too good to be true. You marry this one and won’t even have to give up fantasy sports, Sundays screaming at the TV.

And just imagine the sex life!

SportsCenter afterwards won’t even be awkward.


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    1. Debt Relief says:

      I'll play anything with Ashley. How do I get a hold of her….

    2. ndisnumber says:

      Hottest sports woman ever… I have loved her for the last year and it just keeps getting better and better

    3. Clint says:

      i was hooked right up until the big 10 basketball thing

    4. jace says:

      Whatever…I'd walk by this stupid con artist to a sweet brunette
      with a good butt and a cute "real" face…
      She's just a shameless seller…Like an attorney going after "victims"
      of Katrina ..except with boobs

    5. coffee says:

      Ashley Russell is the best thing that's ever happened to sports reporting

    6. Buena says:

      Ashley did one game on the sideline for B10 network and it was powder puff.
      She is on the internet. They don't trust her on TV.

      I'm with frank, my money is on molly sullivan of the mtn network. Since making top 5 finalist for playboy's sexiest sportscaster poll, this girl has blown up and for good reason. She WAS the best kept secret in sideline reporting. Move over E.A., it looks like Molly is about to snatch your crown. More fun for us.

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