Seth Petruzelli Knocked Out Kimbo, Isn't Really Into Gay Ground And Pound


That would be Silverback Petruzelli’s wife (right)

The biggest story of the weekend, by far, was the Kimbo Slice ass kicking by Seth “Silverback” Petruzelli.

And then Deadspin went and found photos of the guy in all sorts of gay poses.

Easy gay bashers. He’s married.


And we have photos of his wife, in bikini, and tongue action to prove that the next great MMA legend isn’t in fact a guy who likes to ground and pound outside the ring.

l_effebe7211012d4245b7e015fef1ae53.jpg l_082bfb500339a754422ca56463e0243e.jpg l_c7a333cd7e864ae02571e22a2f0b0afc.jpg l_ad645feefdc4cec922961991255c47ef.jpg

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    1. Nick says:

      He's gay I know him.
      That's his pretend wife.

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    4. Yea…..being married doesn't mean anything.

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    6. Nick says:

      I have pictures to prove it

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    8. Bdot says:

      He obviously just has a sense of humor in those proclaimed gay pictures.

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