Vanderbilt GameDay Signage Impresses And Excellence In College Football Blogging


How to impress Boise State men: wear those shorts (via TV Tan Line)

Yet another Saturday down the drain and we learned a few random things.

Boise State women are homely

Vanderbilt students can take time away from school to create classic signs

Writing Free OJ on your chests will attract TV cameras

While we were partaking in an Oktoberfest bash of epic proportions with thousands of Ohio State fans, there were three sites that covered the entire day and should be commended for excellence in blogging.

TV Tan Line, College Gameballs and Football Jesus Las Vegas need to be on your blog radar. These sites might be small and not ‘mainstream’ enough but they cover the college football/ESPN GameDay niche like nobody else.

Photos, screenshots and other garbage after the jump…

TV Tan Lines Greatest Hits (from this weekend)







Las Vegas Football Jesus has the full list of signs he spotted on GameDay.





And, finally, College GameBalls has a few signs that appeared on his television screen.


Vandy Eats Hair!



Auburn students never learned how to read.



By far the best sign from Saturday in Vanderbilt.

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    1. whiffer says:

      they really were blocking the library. go 'dores!

    2. Webster says:

      That sign doesn't say "Vandy eats hair" it says "Vandy eats hair 3.14159"
      3.14.159 is the value of pi. Pi sounds like pie. So really the sign says "Vandy eats hair pie". Awesome that they got that on the air!

    3. […] to bail out Auburn’s offense. Since we weren’t up to the task, the guys over at Busted Coverage have some pics of the other signs at Gameday. We agree this was the best of the […]

    4. Emmett Flatus says:

      “Vandy eats hair pie”. Awesome that they got that on the air!

      Obviously the ESPN director was not a math major.

    5. […] Scenes from the college football weekend. […]

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