Gus Johnson Has Verbal Orgasm After Slice TKOd

Our love for Gus Johnson has been covered here before.

But our boy went a little crazy last night after Kimbo Slice got his ass knocked out.

Gus Johnson Verbal Orgasm Highlights From Saturday Night:

“Slice in trouble.”

“Oh, my, goodness!”

“Slice gets poundedddd out!”

“Rocky is here!”

“The most incredible victory in the history of mixed martial arts!”

Add in some Gus wailing and you get the picture. We didn’t catch this live because there were real sports on TV like college football.

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    1. Jason says:

      Kimbo is a joke, hope the hype starts to fizzle out now.

    2. J Koot says:

      The hype died out before this fight even happened.

      We cover this type of garbage and didn't even realize it was on.

    3. Matt says:

      Awesome. Gotta love Gus.

    4. Phil says:

      I Still love Kimbo hes a beast…I'll watch every one of his fights…Good for Seth though….

    5. […] Gus Johnson Has Verbal Orgasm After Slice TKOd (Video) […]

    6. Abril says:

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