Lingerie Football Friday: Chicago Bliss Ladies Give Windy City Something To Cheer About, Stare At


Chicago Bliss extra point team practices blocking scheme

We continue Lingerie Football Friday with an inside look at the Chicago Bliss football team and its recent night out to celebrate the upcoming season.

Teammates posed for the usual commarderie photos and really tried to promote this league as a serious venture. Then the ladies went slightly Sacramento Kings dancer as you can see in the above photo.

The only thing missing from this night was some vodka and a blogger to pour the drinks.

Have your people get in touch with our people. Let’s make this happen.

l_322883a074f24571bdb6a35337d23bb1.jpg l_b944fcf85da24ed5914cb67cd9e1a6fa.jpg l_51cf2e539158ae98eed03147f011c1ba.jpg l_1589db0276aee917c367c3fc4ae47623.jpg l_5b557d7e22b1fe94bf7c5a806c5c65e7.jpg l_ced6cc1e3aa835781dcb19798fb25a59.jpg l_9173332cbce145329c91234f69781a7a.jpg l_46c03501fa2c4dcbab1230116660461f.jpg l_4594a904380a4430b21a598abdb4ef43.jpg l_4f25fc4499e142f3a0c328780f70fa8d.jpg

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    1. […] We’ve made Atlanta an early favorite for the LFL title because of this Christianna. She should easily outwit some of the bimbos from Tampa and Chicago. […]

    2. Lets get your logo cut and displayed……

    3. Cracked says:

      Damn these lingerie girls got some serious meat on the legs!!! Lots of power!!

    4. Brian Heenan says:

      Hi everybody just wanted to say i think that our team is going to be Grrrreat and im looking foward to our first game is there any chance you could tell me how to grt a tee shirt if its possible


    5. Jackie says:

      RIDICULOUS ! This is exactly why we'll never have a woman president . Thanks again, MEN for your perverted woman exploitaion tactics !

    6. kris says:

      no problem jackie! cant wait to see them dec 8th

    7. ben says:

      wow what nice looking ladies i agree with the fox sports reporters what a fox tank is. i never considered the physical strength and toughness of females until i worked at the post office. this league is more proof of that as women in other professions are.

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