Erin Andrews Ready To "Crush" Breakfast In Tampa


Young bloggers sometimes send messages asking for hints on becoming a better and bigger blogger.

Lesson #1: Track Erin Andrews every step

Lesson #2: Stick with Erin Andrews stories until the very end.

While checking in with the leggy blond via Google News we came across a story published yesterday by the Tampa Tribune in which EA lets us know about her breakfast urges – in the very final paragraph.

If you don’t have anything to do this weekend and live in Tampa, maybe you can stop at the Village Inn.

“I always go to Village Inn for breakfast with my dad Steve,” she said. “I crush the French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon. I’m totally excited for that.”


“Crushes” the french toast?

We’d actually pay to see this so if any of you work at the Village Inn, have a camera and would like to make a quick buck, send us a message.

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    1. Don Chavez says:

      I always thought that she likes to crush breakfast sausage in the morning.

    2. Tim Teebough says:

      I'm totally excited right now.

    3. Dave Beaudoin says:

      Your picture is misleading. EA said she likes scrambled eggs, not fried eggs.

      And EA demands accuracy in her breakfast reporting.

    4. Isaac says:

      Wanna become a better blogger?

      Somehow entice Erin Andrews to get naked and take pics

      Guaranteed you'd be the talk of the blogosphere

    5. Jimmy Two Times says:

      I'd like to eat Erin Andrews for breakfast …. eat Erin Andrews for breakfast

    6. […] Andrews Likes Bacon Busted Coverage: Booze, Ladies And Football ยป Erin Andrews Ready To “Crush” Breakfast In… Andrews Returns Home This Week With ESPN Crew “I always go to Village Inn for breakfast with my […]

    7. […] or Basketball, you can go to the Village Inn in Tampa and see EA doing a lot of this. According to Busted Coverage, via the Tampa Tribune, Andrews can crush a mean french toast. Me too! I seriously think we might […]

    8. Seriously? says:

      You are making a story out of nothing. Serously, what is this? You can't find anything else worth writing about other then what Erin Andrews has for breakfast? Rediculous.

    9. J Koot says:

      @ Seriously?

      Seriously, don't you see the irony here? That paragraph made it into a mainstream media outlet.

      A newspaper.

      And bloggers are accused of making something out of nothing.

      We're just here to point it out.

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    11. Sprmcandy says:

      Pretty girl.

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