Dwarf Cage Fighting Catching On In Florida

This just proves that when you think you’ve seen it all, think again.

Our researchers were looking for bar fight videos and look what we found. Dwarfs going ground and pound on each other while drunken Tampa rednecks cheer them on.

And look, it seems like a modified dog cage is used for the cage. Very unique touch.

Just think…dwarf cage fighting will be huge when the Super Bowl rolls into town in January.

We’re ‘short’ on time but if you want to go further into this story the St. Pete Times reported on this phenomenon earlier this year.

Candid photos of the fighters after the jump…






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    2. sheriff says:

      this fight was horseshit….not to say they both werent tough as nails, but they werent matched evenly. the big guy lost but still they werent matched right. and was that herb fucking dean!!!!!!!!! at the end???? whatever these two kicked ass and fight on fellas but lets make it an even weight class and they will be not a circus but real legitimate fighters. good job brawlers!

    3. PJ says:

      The best thing is you don't need a very big cage

    4. scott mathers says:

      I wonder how long it will take the "do gooders" to outlaw this like they did dwarf tossing. I remember the dwarfs who got tossed were pissed because they made good money at it and wanted to do it.But some regular sized people thought it was degrading and pissed and moaned enough till they banned it.

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