USC Song Girl Aspires To Be Next Erin Andrews


Keli’s career goal is to become a sports broadcaster.

Just what the world of sports needs, another hot chick with a career dream of becoming a sports broadcaster.

See what you started, Erin.

Bored and struggling for story ideas, we went back to see the latest news from the world famous USC Song Girls.

To our surprise there were bios recently posted on each of the lovely undergrads. Of course we were seeking a sports angled story because this is a sports site with a female fixation.

And we struck gold. A Song Girl that wants to be a future Erin Andrews.

Keli is just a sophomore so there is plenty of time to figure out that traveling from city to city, coach to coach, isn’t for every woman. Just think….Bruce Pearl is out there lurking.


As if becoming a sports broadcaster isn’t cool enough, take a look at these hobbies.

Wakeboarding, Offroading, Racing, Dancing, Singing, Swimming, Working out, Cooking, SHOPPING!

It’s looking more likely that we’ll be going with the Song Girls at $150 per hour. 1 hour with Keli for each of these activities.

There goes $1350.



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    1. i wish some of the USC football cheerleaders would transfer to NEBRASKA

    2. SVZ says:

      Her name is Keli Snyder and she is Miss San Diego.

      She is also currently competing in Athlon's Sideline Spirit contest:

    3. frank says:

      most of the women on espn are ugly and talk too much so it will be nice to have another hot chick on there. dana jacobsen is the worst she always talks more than the guys on 1st and 10 thats why it is better when jay is the host of 1st and 10. i cant believe they didnt fire her after that Jesus stuff.

    4. Two-Face says:

      Not as good as the infamous, busty sweater slut Sarah Carmona of the 2003-2004 USC Song Girl squad, but this one like Sarah I'd love to chloroform and have my way with her like Otis did to those bosomy tight-sweatered cheerleaders in House of 1000 Corpses.

    5. Blizzard says:

      Unfortunately,in these pictures which were taken on a higher-than-average temperature day she's not wearing her signature USC Song Girl sweater which Keli wore so damn perfectly with her fucking awesome, huge, perfect milk-filled tits. She still looks friggin' sexy as hell here though, Christ, what a body! And those legs and sexy smile and the way she poses and moves, to say nothing of Keli's legendaery Song Girl tits!As good as Sarah Carmona was, Keli is and always will be the #1 USC Song Girl sweater queen.Keli had the biggest, best tits in USC Song Girl history.

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