University Of Idaho Cheerleaders Showed Midriff In 2007, Scandalous Photos Surface


Scandal! 2007 University of Idaho midriff photos surface.

This University of Idaho cheerleading controversy has ‘legs’ as they say in the media industry.

It seems, after a quick search of GoVandals.net archives that cheerleaders actually showed midriff during the 2007 football season.

Yep, American flesh. Old-fashioned, bare, tanned skin.

What was good last year just isn’t acceptable in 2008. Cheerleaders must cover that midriff.

But the school’s web site has yet to deem these images disturbing to the community.

BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich’s investigation after the jump.




No complaints in 2007 when this photo was taken.


Look! The community is outraged by midriffs!


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    1. HomeRun says:

      Do the Vandals have a Muslim leader???! Whoever it is, they need to Get a Life and join the current world. (On the other hand, maybe this is just a great ploy by their marketing department to gain a attention for their university!) Unfortunately, the attention they are gaining is to ridicule, not praise. I don't think this nick-picky puritan perspective will gain favor with most future/prospective students at the University of Idaho. Their uniforms are not even close to being "too revealing" so lighten up and let the students display their assets, talents and reasonable personal values.

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