BC Special Report: Cassie Keller Is America’s Hottest 18-Year-Old College Student

Update#2: The readers have spoken. A 24-hour front page featuring Ms. Keller is the only solution to yesterday’s ills. Your wish is granted.

Update: A BC visitor says Cassie attends Central Michigan University.

That’s right, fellas, some of you lucky punks go to school with Cassie

Trying to figure our where Cassie Keller goes to college is like solving a 30-year-old crime.

There are small leads, but we need informants to step forward. Someone must take credit for going to school with this chick.

We never even opened the search for “America’s Hottest 18-Year-Old College Student.”

Cassie, who’s already posed naked for Playboy (SFW), wins in a landslide.



Ms. Keller’s ‘About Me’ at Model Mayhem:

I am just starting in modeling. Although I have accomplished alot in a very short period of time. I am 18 years old and in college but my days are extremley flexible. I am very easy to work with. I want the best for myself and the photographer and will work hard to accomplish that(.)

And her modeling credits are:

Playboy Special Edition College Girls Cover shoot (comin Dec. 2nd)
Other Playboy special editions
Playboy’s Pro Football NFL Picks
Olympics most controversial Swimsuits “Suit Up”
Test shot for Playmate

That’s right, guys, she was one of the Playboy chicks who modeled the Team USA Speedos.

All this and still just 18.

We’ll continue to track Cassie’s career because we know you guys really care about such intriguing, feel good stories.

Special thanks to the Official Chris Duncan for tipping us off about this chick. Go read his story about the mayhem at the Playboy Girls of the Big Ten Ohio State party.



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    1. Joey says:

      Central Michigan

    2. J Koot says:

      Listen here, dick, we just report what the women tell us.

      Don't ruin our good time.

    3. annonymous says:

      dude, I went to school with this girl. Greenville, MI is where she's from. I've known her since elementary school. this whole thing is a dream come true for us small town folk

    4. Chris says:

      while I may not agree that she is the hottest college student in the country….I think there is one thing we can all agree on…I bet she is dating a douche bag.

    5. Brandon says:

      Central Michigan, I went to high school with her, same as anonymous. She graduated class of 2008 Greenville High School, She's got a facebook and everything, she's only 18.

    6. […] Cassie Keller Is America’s Hottest College Student […]

    7. Anonymous says:

      I remember her back from elementary school. I never thought that anybody from Greenville would be this big. I'm sure I speak for the rest of the town, Congratulations Cassie.

    8. Jaime says:

      Well yeah I graduated with Cassie, she spoke at our graduation….. and always knew she would make it far…but wow didn't know this is how she would do it…

    9. I just wanted to chime in…

      Cassie is indeed 18 years old. I had the pleasure of working with her a few weeks back (you'll notice my copyright on half of those photos up there), and I must say that she is an absolute doll. Not only gorgeous, but highly intelligent. So yes, she is probably one of the hottest 18 year old college girls around. But dont discount the fact that she is an amazing person as well.

    10. […] on the photo to see more of Cassie (America’s Hottest 18 Year Old […]

    11. Craven Morehead says:

      She has 2 great ASSetts. Those beautiful round orbs. Hey perv! I'm talking about her eyes. I best remember her from the firm when she applied for a secretarial position. We indicated she needed to be a good typist and not be a hunt 'n pecker. She told us no, she wasn't, she just needed a job.

    12. Austin says:

      yes, i can truly say i went to school with this girl. Greenville High School.. preppy, popular, and a very smart girl, even in honor society, and was a class speaker at graduation. and i thought she was beautiful at school, but now that i've seen her full body shots, wow. i am not dissapointed, and im sure the class of 2008 isn't either.

    13. Joseph says:

      where can we get in contact of this model if we want her to appear in our ads?

    14. Sam says:

      She is in Playboy's fresh faces right now

    15. If I had known she was only 18 when I met her, I would have been much sleazier.

    16. Steph says:

      I went to GHS with her, class of 2008! She is infact only 18, and I am personally amazed

    17. ananymous says:

      i think that she actually goes to western michigan university.

    18. anaynous says:

      She goes to Central– I go to school there. she was at a party that I was at last night. she is a nice girl, normal person

    19. anonymous says:

      yeah that was my party, shes a nice girl and obviously gorgeous, good for her.

    20. Freelance Gynecologi says:

      Dude, she is so sexy. Cassie Keller is the first model born in the 1990's to pose nude for Playboy. That makes me hot.

    21. Wahoo McDaniel says:

      Never thought someone from Greenville would go so far? She took her clothes off for Playboy, she didn't earn a PhD in physics, find a cure for cancer or discover a new planet.

    22. I didn't know they made freshman this well put together.

    23. anonymous says:

      my friend that graduated a yeah a head of me dated her this past yeah

    24. […] Today I give you America’s hottest 18 year old college student.  Remeber that before she started college she was America’s hottest 18 year old high school student….not that is dirty!  See more of Cassie Keller here:) […]

    25. anonymous says:

      Big props from getting in playboy at 18. However, she's nothing special. I see girls hotter than that everyday at USC. You midwesterners need to go on vacation.

    26. J Koot says:


      When you going to start taking photos of these USC ladies?

      We need evidence.

    27. Typing Lefty says:

      @ Mr. Bungle — thank you.

    28. Hot, but I'd still give her a 7.5 / 10

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    30. Isabela says:

      USD 500 reward for Cassie's Phone number.

    31. Sure, this young chick is fine looking. But, THEE hottest 18-year old around? Sorry, she's up there. But, not the queen. Not yet, anyways. Keep up the good work.

    32. anonymous says:

      I think Cassie has an older woman face.
      There's really nothing fresh or young looking about her.
      The butt chin doesn't do a whole lot for me either.
      Nice body though.

    33. Beaver says:


      The offer is still on the table. Provide us with a hotter college freshman chick and we'll make her a star.

    34. cmuohyeah says:

      She goes to CMU, She lives in Thorpe

    35. Cyclonus says:

      Man shes hot. Who cares if she has a butt chin. Too bad she wasn't a brunette then she would been a perfect 10.

    36. anonymous says:

      I'm happy she has made it so far and she is even in the google search but i really think she could have done it with our clothes on…. i hope she keeps her brain and wins a noble peace prize like we all know she can.

    37. dvs 1 says:

      What's not to like about Cassie? I heard she models nude for college drawing classes. I just need to know where so I can sign up.

    38. John says:

      LOL, no offense to the girl, but she wouldn't even be the hottest girl in my town. I like her petite frame and she is attractive, but no way is she America's hottest 18-year old. I'll take anyone here to a couple of nightspots on the East Coast where we will find several girls on any given night that are hotter than this chick.

    39. J Koot says:

      @ John

      You didn't read the headline.

      America's Hottest College Freshman.

      Of course you can take us into your East Coast clubs and find some random 18-year-old studying how to live off daddy's money.

      But this is a woman who juggles getting naked for Playboy and college classes.

    40. anonymous says:

      yeah CMU man FIRE UP CHIPS!!! proud home of the hottest college freshman in the USA

    41. Bryan says:

      You Girls Are Hotter Than Fire.

    42. Tom says:

      There are, maybe, fifty-seven varieties of beautiful girls/women. Much like Heinz. The variety is in all parts – facial features, hair, skin, bone structure, breasts, nipples, tummy, arms, back, fanny, legs, and yes – even the pudendum (add that one to your vocabulary).

      Given all those possible combinations to result in a beautiful girl, it's probably more like 5,700 varieties. All the better.

      Cassie Keller is one beautiful girl in her Playboy pics, and out of them. In the local paper today was a Dillard's Dept. Store ad with a beauty modeling a skirt/jacket outfit. Bingo – if it's not Cassie, it's her clone. I'd say Cassie is classy, and we are lucky as hell that our lives coincided with her going nude for the camera.

    43. anonymous says:

      haha fyi to cyclonus up there…..
      cassie is a natural brunette.
      i went to school with her in greenville.
      class of 08.
      and to the rest of you dumbasses who say that she isnt beautiful, you try finding an intelligent 18 yr old girl who juggles college classes,jobs (not just with modeling agencies either),family,friends, graduating valedictorian in highschool and who still looks THAT GOOD……
      you may find some one who "looks" better but that doesnt make them beautiful.
      stop being so shallow and just judging by what you see when you "classify" people.
      cassie keller is just about the most beautiful people i know and that anyone who actually knows her, knows.
      i think its safe to say that almost all of greenville is proud of her accomplishments and makin it "big" and getting her name out there.
      i think its also agreed that she could have done it many different ways because she is a talented girl.
      but nonetheless we're all proud of her.

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    45. quentin says:

      nothing to throw out of the bed. but i feel sorry for you if you are cranking it to that. nothing special. 18 yo with nice bodies are a penny a dozen.

    46. LBjim says:

      I'd hit it ,then die happy from a heart attack…

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    48. Crazy Oldie says:

      wow just heard of her today and damn she is hot…that body is tight and flawless!

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    50. LEAD PAD says:

      she looks like Mr Limpet

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    52. A.M says:

      my brother's girlfriend left him last week. I feel sorry for him.i'm 25 please don't email me because he reads my email,so don't please. I'm woundring if you can get him a girl? please, please, please do so. he is 13 years old. I'm asking you because my friends tell me youre really nice.

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!1

    53. A.M says:

      sorry I left this out: I live on 2941 sumack road c.a fallbrook

    54. […] – One of the more unofficial and difficult contests ever created has finally culminated with the announcement of Cassie Keller as America’s hottest college student.  It’s been a couple of years since I was asked to leave college, but I can’t find any reason to disagree with this selection.  [Busted Coverage] […]

    55. JimBob says:

      I work at a university. Just today I saw five coeds that are hotter than her.

    56. J Koot says:

      @ Jim Bob:

      Again, unless you have photographic proof, we maintain our ranking of Cassie.

      Now, if you step forward with images to prove otherwise, we're all ears.

    57. lol says:

      I don't think these photos are really her best. She's way prettier in real life.

    58. Mark says:

      Cassie is Playboy's June Cyber Girl of the Month and there's a new photo shoot out that's quite simple to find if you google it.

    59. Pish Posh says:

      No, she's not.

    60. […] If you’ve been with us over the last 11 months or so, you know Busted Coverage annointed Cassie Keller as its 2008-2009 Hottest College Freshman. […]

    61. Frreeze says:

      СпасибÐ&frac34;, статья пÐ&frac34;Ð&frac14;Ð&frac34;Ð&sup3;ла! ПÐ&frac34;дпишуська Ð&frac12;а леÐ&frac12;ту!

    62. Ваше Ð&frac14;Ð&frac12;еÐ&frac12;ие, этÐ&frac34; Ð&sup2;аше Ð&frac14;Ð&frac12;еÐ&frac12;ие

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    65. Contest! says:

      We will be holding a texus holdem contest, The winner gets to assfuck Cassie Keller Sign up here!

    66. We will be holding our 7th annual raccoon hunting tournament January 4th 2010. Whoever brings the most raccoon heads to the finish line with in the 60 minute time limit will be able to Face-Fuck Cassie Keller and ejaculate in and around her mouth. Contestants will be screened for diseases. Raccoon Heads will also be screened for diseases. The entry fee will be 10 Dollars, All proceeds will be donated to the save the raccoons foundation. Enter Here at http://WWW.TheFacialHumiliationOfCassieKeller.Com

    67. pceezy says:

      Cassie Keller-an amazing friend, beautiful woman, and deserves more than to be pervertedly oogled at by over-aged pedifiles. Yes she does go to Central. but frankly thats none of any of your get lost.

    68. James says:

      wow, this girl goes to school a couple of hours from my house and grew up less than an hour away? Does she drive by my house to go home?

    69. […] Cassie Keller Hottest 18 y/o – [Bustedcoverage] […]

    70. Etevaldo says:

      Nice girl. I would like to see more pictures of her!

    71. Pig Sights says:

      This is only something Mr Pig would oink for………… oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink ! oink !

    72. Nate says:

      I would like to say that for an 18 year old collage freshman she has great poise and maturity. However, not so for any of the perverted older men looking at these photos or talking about a–f—ing or oral sex, thats just morally wrong.SO GET A FREAKING LIFE!!!!!!!!!. Oh, and before you call me a hypocrite, I only looked at the first photo, and secondly I am the same age as the person depicted in this photo (18), so you can't call me a pedophile.

    73. […] Wow, Cassie Keller is the must see babe of the month (Click here) […]

    74. jdedonato says:

      Y A W N….

    75. […] One of America’s Hottest 18-Year-Old College Students […]

    76. […] America’s Hottest 18 Year Old [Busted Coverage] […]

    77. manick says:

      I want to meet her, and go to dinner

    78. they are not look 18's… but 20's…

    79. FCA1975 says:

      She looked OK until she turned around. Noasatal!

    80. WOW…….. she's got my vote.

    81. jim says:

      she is drop dead gorgeous,fantastic body.

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    84. […] Cassie Keller – The 18-year-old college student at Central Michigan burst onto the scene and into our hearts this year for her Playboy work and Model Mayhem portfolio. […]

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