Playboy Girls Of The Big Ten Drama In Ann Arbor

Update: Grading The Naked Playboy Chicks Of The Big Ten!


MSU Playboy ladies crossed into enemy territory minus the dorks.

We continue our continuing special team coverage of the Big Ten Playboy Tour with news that defies logic.

It seems only one of three University of Michigan ladies to get nude in the magazine decided to show for the Ann Arbor party so Playboy officials were left with only one hot chick option.

They hired Michigan State chicks to entertain the crowd.

The Official Chris Duncan, a Playboy U. representative, has the official full report on this epic decision.

The next morning, we were headed to Ann Arbor at about 10AM. For the Michigan event, we only had one of the three girls from the pictorial that wanted to appear at the event. So to make up for the lack of hot chicks, we had to book four of the girls from Michigan State. I was a little worried that the decision to let them wear their green shirts might end with me getting my ass beat. Luckily, that was not the case.


The Spartans fire up the crowd at East Lansing Playboy party.

Luckily, the dweebs in Ann Arbor were (surprisingly) accomadating to the ladies since they’ve been known to make fun of UM chicks.

But then again, these guys just wanted to see a breathing Playboy chick in person.

Duncan explains,

Once the party got started, it was a little bit chaotic. There seemed to be a higher level of douchebaggery and I’ve never seen more broken glass on the floor in my life. The East Lansing girls were professionals when it came time to bring The White Tie Affair on stage.

We’re still waiting to hear the party details out of Saturday’s event in Columbus.

Something tells us the OSU ladies didn’t turn down a chance to party.



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    3. The Ohio State girls were great too. That post is upcoming…

    4. Chip says:

      Speaking about that OSU Playboy party

      We were met at our last stop by the girls of Ohio State: Jamie Graham, Marie Morgan and Lyndsy Wolff (Playboy Special Editions model) who brought a lot of friends. Things got crazier when the girls took over the bar and then the stage. For some reason the band didn't stand in the way.

    5. Isaac says:

      As usual, MSU has to take care of that other school

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