The 20 All-Time Best ESPN GameDay Signs


It all began 15 years ago.

Back in 1993, ESPN took it’s College GameDay show on the road and the rest is history. The very first road show was held at the Game of the Century, Notre Dame vs. Florida State in South Bend. Corso picked FSU and, of course, Notre Dame won.

What has happened since is the transformation of college football into a billion dollar industry.

In honor of the 15th anniversary, Busted Coverage has compiled the “20 All-Time Greatest College GameDay Signs.”

Feel free to argue, protest and tell us we are wrong. The editors enjoy the hatred.


Urination signs are always a riot


Chicks always love when Shocker shows up at GameDay. The party is on.


Corso: A sex machine


References to terrorists are always guaranteed to get on TV


Mangino front butt (look over Frosted Tips left shoulder)


One of the classics. Perfect placement. Timely. Funny.


Talking about the opposing QBs virginity gets on this list


Stoops Drives A Mini Van


One from last week but still perfect for the Tebow phenomenon


Possibly the all-time greatest sign to ever grace GameDay


Going back to 2005 for this classic


A sign of the times


More sexual references to Corso and still funny



Two great ones from a show at the University of Kentucky


Kentucky guys love Tebow’s mom






    1. chad says:


    2. DHaas says:

      Where's the Wade Boggs sign? It said something like "Wade Boggs once drank 24 beers on a cross country flight."

    3. John says:

      Where's "Lee Corso has a baby arm"?

    4. Pelvis says:

      I liked the one that was on a really long stick, but it was just a 8.5"x11" piece of notebook paper that said "POO." It was at the Purdue @ OSU game in November of 2003, I think.

    5. BIGEASY says:

      The best sign that isn't on the list was Florida-LSU last fall that said Tebow loves Coach Urban Meyer which the first letters of Coach Urban Meyer's name bolded and much bigger than the rest of the letters. I am sure you guys can figure that out.

    6. Danny says:

      Kentucky fans never cease to amaze.

      New Orleans has Katrina,

      Louisville has Kentucky fans…

      Hey, that would be a good sign…ironically…

    7. angry_lemming says:

      c'mon now kids, how can we forgot "Troy Smith Likes Unicorns"?!?!

    8. what about says:

      what about that really really tall sign at the iowa vs osu game in iowa city. i think it said "drew tate is good at football".

    9. Iron My Shirt says:

      I liked the one where Gameday was in Bowling Green, Ohio and a sign said "Lee Corso likes the Shocker."

    10. Mike says:

      The greatest one I ever saw
      "Lee Corso has a baby arm"

    11. Mr. Man says:

      The best one I ever saw was when Brady Quinn's sister was dating the linebacker from Ohio State. Somebody had a sign that read: "Brady Quinn's sister LOVES the D!"

    12. nick says:

      Where's the sign, I believe from the 2006 Iowa-OSU game, saying "Brady Quinn's Sister Loves the D"?

    13. filip says:

      at first i didn't know what a murkin was, now that i know i can't stop laughing.

    14. Bryan says:

      Do you have the old tapes? I'd be interested in finding out where I can find the footage from the UCLA/USC Gameday from December of 2005.

    15. Escoofield says:

      Hahaha so funny…!! thanks!

    16. Rich says:

      I always like, "Lee Corso is thick in the pants"

    17. Manny says:

      What about "Tebow = Teabag"???

    18. Paul says:

      C'mon, no "Obesity Lives Here" from the Kansas game last year??

    19. Darren says:

      I wish they wouldve had the one I saw at Va Tech that said, "i want to bohn linda cohn." I laughed my ass off at that one

    20. […] In honor of the 15th anniversary, Busted Coverage has compiled the “20 All-Time Greatest College GameDay Signs.” [Busted Coverage] […]

    21. steelhead says:

      Was at the Purdue/Wisky Gameday a few years ago and saw, "I Wanna Bohn Linda Cohn." Good stuff…

    22. Bechtol says:

      Missing the USC vs. Notre Dame classic, "Charlie ate the Chocolate Factory"

    23. Jake says:

      my favorite was "I wanna bone Linda Cohn!"

    24. Wildcat1973 says:

      "Henry Earl Lives Here." From the UK-UF GameDay in Lexington.

    25. don says:

      The best one was when USC played at ASU in '05 and a guy had pictures of Pat Tilman and O.J. with the quote "you decide" underneath.

    26. Cdro says:

      Lee Corso is a penis… From florida vs georgia circa 2005. I will never forget seeing that one live

    27. Jay says:

      Where is the "Brady Quinn's sister loves the D" during 06 ND/GT game?

    28. Jason says:

      Yeah "Corso is thick in the pants" is my favorite, I am glad someone else remembers that.

    29. Kathy says:

      My all-time favorite sign is "Tim Tebow's mom home schooled me"!

    30. David says:

      Baby Arm..Baby Arm..Baby Arm

      How could it be left out?????

    31. Rick says:

      best one I have seen: "Mangino caused world hunger"

    32. kirk says:

      There are 2 that were ommitted;

      1-USC/ND–"OJ says kills the Irish" (w/ OJ mugshot)

      2-Miami/VT –(front of sign) Go Hurricanes (back of sign) Michael Vick is a pussy.

    33. Derek says:

      from MU v. KU game……"Mangino ate my other sign" and from the game……"KU football, a tradition since September"

    34. airraley says:

      Michael Vick is a pussy was greatness. Every single person in that gameday crowd had a miller lite and a marlboro light. I wanted to party with those bastards.

    35. J Koot says:

      @ Everyone With Suggestions!

      We need photos. If you have shots of these signs you speak of, send them in for us to post.

    36. gasman442 says:

      How about the 01 world series sign. Randy Johnson pitching for the Dbacks against the New York Yankees. It takes more than 9 yanks to beat a johnson!!!

    37. Gee Ga says:

      It was "Wade Boggs once drank 64 beers on a cross country flight." Give the man his due

    38. Andrew says:

      "lou holtz clubs baby seals" from last week

    39. salliek76 says:

      My uncle (Georgia fan) once went to a Georgia-Auburn game in Auburn with two classic signs. (Okay, maybe one is pretty outdated, but it was funny at the time.)
      Sign 1:
      "War Eagles Have Peckers on their Faces"
      Sign 2:
      Pat Dye dates Geraldine Ferarro [if you don't get this one, wiki "1983" and it will all come together.]

      I was too young to go to the game, but it turned out to be the one where they brought the fire hoses out onto the field to clear off the Georgia fans, so I think this would have been around 1985 (?). No pics, unfortunately, and believe me we've regretted that for years.

    40. Chris says:

      How about "Hoof Hearted, Ice Melted" from a big ten game a couple of years back…

    41. Trey says:

      I loved "Mangino wipes from back to front" at Gameday for the Border War in KC last year.

    42. it'sme says:

      Bear Bryant's sister prefers Knowshon- last year at UGA/Alabama

    43. Matthew says:

      I was a fan of last years Kansas-Missouri sign:

      "KU Football-A tradition since September."

    44. Keith says:

      Where's "Lee Corso has a baby arm"?

    45. Joel says:

      One of my all time faves was a sign that said "I want to bohn Linda Cohn". Brilliant.

    46. R-Deezy says:

      What about the "Sylvester Croom (sp?) is a Chode" from a few years back?

    47. RPO says:

      lol this is great. i really have to start watching the pre-game shows.

    48. caseyj says:

      " Lou Holtz spits when he talks"….all time champ

    49. Old Joe says:

      My favorite although dated: John Kerry eat babies!

    50. Wally says:

      Somebody please please make a sign that says "Lou Holtz needs new dentures" That guy is insufferable.

    51. […] 20 Best ESPN Gameday Signs.  [Busted Coverage] […]

    52. PSD says:

      Where is "Lou Holtz is a Dumbath" ?

    53. Spence says:

      "Two in the pinkel, one in the stinkel." OU-Mizzou

    54. JakeBlues says:

      Mizzou/Kansas last year: "Mangino Likes Fisting." I almost broke the TiVo over that one.

    55. Bryan says:

      Bob Stoops hates puppies and Jesus

    56. Jimmie Dimmick says:

      'Troy Smith likes Unicorns' – tOSU v. Iowa, 2006

    57. Nick says:

      not sure what game, i think it was in 2006, "charlie weis is the love child of jaba the hut and rosie odonell" classic. charlie sucks!

    58. Uno says:

      UF vs FSU in Gainesville in the 90s … "Peter Warrick Stole My Bike"

    59. Merkintile Bank says:

      Corso wears a merkin

    60. The one about Brady Quinn's sister was absolutely hilarious. I remember laughing for like 10 minutes over that one.

    61. Joe Kapp says:

      Not on Gameday but…my sis went to the '82 Cal-Stanford game that featured "The Play" that resulted in Elway and son losing in the last second. John Elway was a major focus that day, but up in the stadium, my sis told me a sign read "JOHN ELWAY HAS HERPES". I wish I had a picture.

    62. hey guys , glad you like my work..i like yours too, i will keep ranking em and getting pics , you help spred the word!!!- Football jesus

    63. Juan says:

      Best sign I saw was at ND-USC at the Bush Push game that said "Osama Bin Leinart"

    64. Recipes says:

      these are great lol, i love corso hes the man

    65. ttf1 says:

      Fat Joe left Atlantic!

    66. Bearcat says:

      it was…

      Wade Boggs
      1 man
      1 flight
      64 beers

      and another good one was at Pitt when Virginia Tech announced they were leaving…


    67. beefy t says:

      Rhett Bomar gets tossed from Oklahoma (bogus summer job at a car dealership) – the following Saturday, OU goes to College Station. Front & center:

      "Rhett Bomar CLOBBERS big city prices!"

      Classic. I blew snot bubbles over that one.

    68. CLEMSON "D&quot says:

      THE BEST EVER HANDS DOWN…."Charlie Wiess is the LOVE Child of Rosie O Donnell and Jabba The Hut"

    69. Chi-Guy says:

      What about the "I Want To Bohn Linda Cohn" ??!! Classic………..

    70. BuckeyeLuck says:

      Last week OSU vs. Penn State…a picture of Paterno with the caption "Got Poop?" He stays up in the pressbox this year to avoid the cameras zeroing in on the fudgepie.

    71. Jon says:

      Oklahoma / Mizzou game: "Chase Caniels has a FUPA" – that was pretty good

    72. BoilerUp says:

      Can't forget "Helen Keller is Lou Holtz's translator."


    73. UGA Dawg says:

      What about "Lou Holth ith a penith"

    74. Bob says:

      Saw one that said "Stoops wears Tebow pajamas"

    75. GoUCLA says:

      My favorites that aren't on this list

      ND vs Georgia Tech: "Brady Quinn's sister for Heisman"

      USC vs ND: "Notre Dame Sucks, Rudy would start"

      UCLA vs oregon basketball: "Ryan Hollins=Juwanna Mann"

    76. UCLA says:

      the OSU C_CK__CKER was the best sign ive ever seen

    77. football0908 says:

      "the tide kills more dawgs than mike vick" durring the 2008 ua/uga game

    78. joe says:

      I forget the game but it was with FSU and Peter Warrick – Heistman – they had a picture of the trophy with dreadlocks holding a shopping bag

    79. shocked says:

      the one from the georgia bulldogs/florida game that the guy held up a red plush bulldog in an elizabethan collar was pretty hilarious…

      subtle burn because dj shockley was hurt… and the sutures in the crotchal region were a thing of master class.

    80. Reid says:

      "Chase Daniel has a FUPA"

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    84. ethan says:

      My favorite of all time was a USC ASU game when John David Booty was the QB.

      "Not even a Trojan can protect John David's Booty!"

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