Bikinis & Betting Lines: Create An Actual Prop Bet


Will Brooke Hogan date an NFL player this season? Wanna bet?

Welcome to a brand new collaboration between the powers at BetUS, BetVega and Busted Coverage.

Ever wanted to create your very own prop bet? Think you can create better prop bets than your average sports book?

Looking to start a career as a prop bet creator?

This is your chance.


Here is how this will work.

  • We need your idea of a great NFL or college football prop bet.
  • Write your very own idea into the comments section of this post.
  • 5 prop ideas will be sent to BetUS. Deadline for ideas is Wednesday, 8 pm EST.
  • The company will pick one and open it up for play.

Everyone thinks they are smarter than the book. Now you need to prove it.


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    1. Scott Lagano says:

      Over/Under on how many Cowboys games Jessica Simpson will attend this season 1.5

      Peyton Manning will start every game this season 1/1

    2. TZ says:

      In honor of the Eagles/Cowboys game tonight….How about the odds of Tony Romo pulling a Brady/Weiss ACL tear??

      Lets set it at 10-1 odds that happens by the end of the season.

      Go Birds!!!!!

    3. greg says:

      total complitions/ hits, runs ,errors in tampa/boston game

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    5. TZ says:

      2-1 odds that Vince Young plays this week for the Titans and has a mental breakdown on the field!

    6. Micheau says:

      Hey, I just found your blog. I have Blogger myself, but I love that your blog is a WordPress. I really enjoyed this post, please post more!

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