The Afternoon Dump: Randy Moss’s Mouth, Obama Hatred, Cuauhtémoc Quits, Tila Tequila’s New Book, Priest Selling Drugs.

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is one very hot short haired girl.

Two big games happening tomorrow. First we have the Ducks facing off against Purdue, I think I will be picking Purdue by 3. Then the second big game would have to be the Ohio-USC game. I will pick USC due to the fact the Wells is still injured.

I believe that when it rains outside, it makes the day go really slow.

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Have a good day guys.

Afternoon Dump

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Obama is now going on the negative campaign [College OTR]

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The Wii’s Big Lebowski [Brahsome]

Looks like Cuauhtémoc calls it quits [Machochip]

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I can’t take Tila Tequila serious whatsoever [Celebslam]

Some priests are not making good examples of churches [Co-ed Magazine]

Don’t we all want Charisma [Next Round]

Now those are some short red shorts for football [uncoached]