From The Archive: OSU Oval Filled With Bikinis

*This post originally ran back in April, but we figured it needed to be resurrected after all this love we’ve been throwing towards the Song Girls and USC chicks.

OSU has its fair share of ladies who don’t mind the sun’s rays.

Enjoy the look back and hopefully this will loosen up all those Bucks fans who only have Beanie Wells ankle on the mind. Snap out of it fools.


Don’t even start with us. Yeah, we’re totally aware that this is an every day occurrence in Gainesville, Baton Rouge, L.A., Austin, Miami, etc.

But this is Thee Ohio State University. Columbus. April. This is the Holy Grail for men who’ve struggled through a wicked winter of ice, multiple inches of snow and a basketball team winning the NIT. This is your lucky day Ohio State guy. Today we take you on stroll of the Oval thanks to the fine work of ranthon007.

BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich landed these beauties soaking up global warming rays. He’s just jealous since his ass has been cooped up searching for Sam Keller and his girlfriend. Great work, by the way.

We cannot confirm all of these chicks attend OSU. Does it really matter? It’s Buckeye soil. It’ll have to do.




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