Colt McCoy Jersey Worn By UT Tailgate Pole Dancer


Their parents must be proud of their daughters use of a UT education.

Yee haw!

Welcome to Austin, Texas where those conservative southern folk roll out a stripper pole for gameday and the hot chicks wear Colt McCoy jerseys.

Big Gay Rich landed this inside look into a classy tailgate before the Longhorns opener against Florida Atlantic.

It seems stripper poles have become accepted tailgating accessories.

In week one we caught Louisville fans holding a classy stripper pole grinding dance competition complete with tip bucket.


Look, people, we’re all about having fun but isn’t the stripper pole idea unnecessary. The pole takes up room for more kegs and pig roasters. Take some lessons from LSU chicks on how to dance at a tailgate.



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    2. […] remember 2012 when a Bears stripper wannabe took a fall off a pole. You can also go way back to 2008 when things got wild on a U. of Texas stripper pole before a big game.  And who can possibly forget the Louisville tailgate where they had a cash can […]

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